Where to learn Zath religion on Siptah?

I’m guessing that on Siptah it’s like the other ones where a certain item drops and you can learn the religion by using the item. But where and what drops the Zath item?

Wow, ok. The question wasn’t supposed to be a stumper. I take it the answer isn’t well known or doesn’t exist then.

while i’ve located two priests of zath (one in a cage of all things), i’ve yet to find where to learn the religion.

I think the only ways are to remake a character or by purchasing it. I have not found anywhere to find it

Open your feats and double click the religion feat. =))

Uh, yeah, the point is to not do that. :wink:

So while digging for something else, I found something interesting:

I guess I will have to try next if T2 derketo surges from East indeed drop that :stuck_out_tongue:


The item exists still trying to figure out who drops it :smiley:

EDIT: I can’t seem to find it so maybe it is in the process of being implemented :sweat_smile:

Well it’s a start at least. :slightly_smiling_face:

I looked at the priests but they seem to use the old table still (the one without zath) which made me think that maybe the new one is not yet fully implemented.

Zath priests were my first thought as well, but none that I’ve killed have dropped the zath item yet.

I got yog from a bear, so who knows.
Can be a drop in a chest, or probably from some mob, maybe in purge. Got derketo to lately as drop.

Have found no trace so far - some priests, some “Dancers of Zath”, but no feat item.

But… there’s an easy workaround: Some of the summon bosses in the Grey Ones area drop tablets of power. Fragments of Power also drop often from Grey One bosses nearby. You quickly get an absurd number of feats points in that area - more than enough to buy a religion.

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I think the principal question was “without spending points”. Sure we can all reset, and spend point for religion, but most of us try to avoid. Maybe we’re to used that “choices matters”. :rofl:

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Iv spawned probably just over 70 Zath priest just to kill em and non of them have dropped anything related to Zath to learn the feat. But I have learned the feat to make tablets of power from the library thing and iv made enough of those that my character currently knows every feat thier is but I refuse to spend points in the religion of Zath i want to find that and learn it in game.

Like said, i got tablets from npc’s, even more or less random ones, like a bear.
The Derketo one i don’t remember exactly, but i think it was any npc on the island of Threa. So not still related at all.

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