Zathite religion needs some work on Siptah

Zath was added with Siptah, so one would expect it to be a featured religion. Instead there are a ton of issues compared to other religions.

  1. Zath priests of every tier have a fraction of the HP of other priests. Even the named priests are 1 hit kills using low-grade weapons.

  2. There is no good source for learning Zath on Siptah unless you start with it or spend 50 feat points. Each of the other religions has a source of drops, and each surge has an associated religion except Zath(North is Ymir, West is Set, South is Yog, etc.). There are six possible directional altars, and seven religions…

Overall, it just seems like Zath is the odd god out. Am I missing something?


There’s 8 religions. You forgot the best one in game : Crom ! :grin:


There are 8 gods, but only 7 religions. Crom cares not for your altars and priests.

Not disagreeing with you, but I would go as far as to suggest that ALL of the religions in Conan Exiles need some work to increase their relevance.


Oh, I agree with you 100%! Even the best religions are in a place where their impact on gameplay are minor at best, with primarily RP and cosmetic applications. It would be great to see them all boosted significantly so there could actually be functional ‘paladin’ builds using hallowed equipment.

If the other religions are at a 3/10 right now though, Zath is at a 1/10 on Siptah; with no way to learn it, no real associated NPC group(even in surges), and priests being made of paper(which is probably a bug).

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