Zath Priest thralls in exiled lands

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Zath Religion added without thralls

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  1. Find Zath trainers (2) in exiled lands
  2. Unable to find Zath priest thralls for shrine

Is this being fixed?

They are there. Find Exile Priest spawns. Other then that, it’s not a bug, just RNG.

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To learn the religion itself, think what the religion is, and what is related to it.

There may be same, or similar creatures around him. So care is needed.

This text will be blurred[/spoiler] near a big spider, in a cave [spoiler]This text will be blurred

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Is there a Zath Archpriest or whatever the T4 variant is named? I’ve only seen “Zath priest” and “Zath Dancer” (thus far)

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