Zath Priest spawns?

Has anybody been able to track down the Zath Arch Priest on exiled lands? I’ve been looking everywhere online but no dice.

Haven’t been able to find any new zath thralls yet

I thought I saw him at the fractured Citadel. F5 on the map

That is on siptah though, looking in the exiled lands

I-5 Exiled Lands

Same situation. I would think a camp near a spider spawn would have it, but, as of yet, I have not found anything.

I don’t know if this is also the case for Exiles Lands but on Isle of Siptah, the Zath priests spawn where Set Priests spawn. Maybe try farming the Set Priests in Sepermeru and see if you get any Zath ones as well.

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Any confirmation on actual zath thralls spawning in exiled lands yet. I know where the trainer is but can’t find anything else

Where in I5?

SW of Bonebreaker’s Bend, along the cliffs, near a pillar.

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On siptah we have priests but not the npc to learn the religion and on exile land, learner but no priest, i love the irony xD

That’s the trainer, we’re looking for the priests for thralling

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thanks for this. The guy doesnt even have dialogue yet :smiley:

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