Zath Priests...? Or lack of

I know this has been brought up, just wondering how we stand on it.

Where are the Zath Priests on Exiled Lands?? I know the locations. I have been farming them for 3 days on 2 different Gaming systems… official servers… so no I can’t admin them in. I can’t even find a T1…
Wondering if the updates scared them off the the land of Siptah…
Any luck lately fellow Conanians?

Zath priests can spawn where mithra priests are but they are much much rarer spawn, and in that same spawnplace are also the asuras so getting a named T4 zath priest is a tiny tiny tiny chance. Just keep on grinding :slightly_smiling_face:

I have tested this issue on my server and confirm there are no Xath priest spawning at Sinners refuge or the Mitra alter along the river. Exile Lands.

im on server 3052 and im getting zath priests occationally on these places, 90 % of the time mithra priest or asura. havent caught any named ones yet .