Dedicated Zath priest spawn

So the Zath religion has been in the game for a while now and exiled lands is still yet to have a dedicated Zath priest spawn location instead sharing a place with the Mitra priests. This makes acquiring one exceedingly difficult and nigh on impossible for a t4. It would be kinda nice to see a dedicated zath priest spawn as all other religions have to make things a bit more balanced. As it stands it makes one of the cooler religions kinda pointless to use.


I agree although while not pointless for me is definitely frustrating.

I’d say that most of the time when I needed a Zath priest it was only by chance that I acquired one, just happen to be running by. But as the fates decide when I am actively farming for them they never spawn XD

The quickest method is a purge I think. Last one yielded 4 for me O.O

Seth, Jhebbal Sag, Yamir, and Mitra all have dedicated spawn locations that only have priests in them. Derketo has 4 potential spawn locations shared with every other named & unnamed non-purge crafter in the Lemurian faction.

Zath has 1 location that is shared with Mitra named crafter location in Sinner’s Refuge. Having more than 1 would be nice and having it be a dedicated one would be even better.


I’d like to see a system implemented where you could take any exile and train them in the altar. Make it ridiculously expensive and take ages so it’s not viable for pvp as I could see that being an issue. Priests don’t really serve much of a purpose other than rp value or for the armours in pve so the need for them to be so scarce is not really justified in those server types. The ability to craft one would be dope.

There is another Zath priest spawn at Mitra’s Serenity. Easier to check running by rather than going all the way into the back of Sinner’s Refuge.

But yes, it would be good to have a dedicated spawn location. Perhaps Scupper’s Shelter. It’s in spider territory and the Black Hand do not seem to be fanatics for any one religion.

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