Zath Priests on Exiled lands

So whats the go anybody actually found a T3 or T4 zath priest on exiled lands???

been farming them for about 4-5 days on the known spawn locations and the best ive seen so far is a T2 Zath priest. Ive even seen the priest’s with under 1% spawn chance spawn but not zath?

And when i mean farming i mean clearing the spots every 15 minutes.

You could check Single Player’s admin list for named Zath priests, spawn them in, then take note of their names and sex. Hopefully, that’ll at least give you a starting point on other server types.

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i know their names and their sex’s. There is a youtube video that states what spawns in Exiledlands and where their spawns are. What im interested to see if people have actually got any because the spawn rates seem be near 0.2%…

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