Zath, Yog, Ymir T4 Priests... where are they❓

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So, after many recommendations I ended up learning about Zath and building an altar.
BTW, the spiders are awesome :spider:! And the 50 silk is pretty good too!
I have not been able to find any Zath priest at all, of no tier. I have already YouTubed about it, and tried a couple of places, but nothing so far.

Have you recently recruited any Zath, Yog or Ymir T4 Priests❓, and where❓


I don’t have a T4 Zath priest myself, but I know someone who has it on a server where I play, and they said they found it at Mira’s Serenity. According to them, they see a Zath priest spawn there about once ever 8 times.

When it comes to Ymir, Anastera the Seeress spawns in New Asagarth from time to time. I’ve seen her and thralled her on different servers.

As for Yog, I’ve never had a T4 priest of Yog in all of these 5 years that I’ve been playing Conan Exiles. I had high hopes when 3.0 hit live and Grave Matter event spawned, because it spawns Kalisha the Masked, but unfortunately Funcom made her impossible to knock out :frowning:


This is my most lucky camp of all for Yogs priests

In this camp I may farmed decades the last years, literally decades! Like @CodeMage I never had Archpriest of Zath on officials, but on single player I find one in Mitras serenity camp. Many times I found priests on Sinners Refuge, but never named one!
For Ymir again like Yogs the priest spawns are many, ofcurce like @CodeMage said I took Anastasera from New Asgard only, but tbh until recently she was the only to go to, because only her could fix the buff potion, so new Asgard it is, don’t waste your time with the others!


Thank you both @CodeMage and @stelagel!
Now I know what to expect and where to look. I will just keep trying and check that lucky camp :smiling_face:.

Good hunting!


I picked up a named zath priest, Nydal the Spinner, at Mira’s Serenity about a week ago on an official. So they DO exist… just crazy rare.


We found our T4 Zath priest outside of the Padoga of Boundless Lust near one of the campfires to the East.
Took a bit of stalking, but we finally got one


Ymir and Yog this one has not had difficulty with.

However, Zath…
This one can barely express thier sorrow that there isn’t a Zath priest spawn in the Silkwoods.

Also, that they randomly jump into other religions’ slots is… jarring.
Mitra’s Serenity shouldn’t be the easiest place to find Zath priests…


A silkwood spawn… that’s a really good idea!


I’ve seen Zath spawn in Sinner’s refuge and as part of Mitra purges.


I am a bit confused here…
Where exactly did you find a Zath priest? To the Lemurian camp?
Don’t get me wrong, but this will be very shocking for me, especially this camp is the most farmed ever from all the rest in Exile lands. Except Derketo priests, that they are rare even in their own camp, I never seen any other religions there.

I finally got him today. It’s the first untamed Zath priest I’ve ever seen with my own eyes!


Right beside the the Pagoda of Lust to the east, there is a campfire up on a raised piece of ground that can Spawn one. But if you keep going east a bit more, up by a huge tree (seriously, it’s giant) there is another campfire. That’s where we got ours.


did you managed to get a derketo t4 there?

Today night agenda updated…

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Yup, we did. Now, when I said we stalked the place, I mean me and a guildmate posted up there daily and would just kill, wait for respawn, kill, wash, rinse, repeat until we (she) was finally able to get one. Of course it all biols down to RNG luck tho

Yes, still remains Lemurian camp :person_facepalming:t3:. All this territory is Lemurian, but good to know…
After 3.0 I guess, right?

Ah, my bad. I didn’t realize. I don’t pay attention to who I’m killing, I just flip my murder switch to On and go at it until I see that Zath outfit lol.

Actually, we got ours back in July (?), so it was pre-3.0. Maybe they didn’t change the Spawn?..hopefully

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Lucky indeed!
Yog’s Chosen is already training to join my army!
Thank you!

There is a guaranteed Priest, and it took me less than 10 Priests to find the T4 one :smiley_cat:.

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I found a low tier Zath Priest there as well! Thank you :+1:.
Yes, it took me less than 10 Priests to find her, and will keep trying until I find a T4 one :smiling_face:.

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Zath was shoe horned in back in update 2.4. When I say shoe horned I literally mean they crammed him in. Zath priests just kind of show up in place of other priests on rare occasions. Mitra got the short stick again as I’ve seen them spawn with them more then anything. Sinner’s Refuge, Mira’s Serenity, and Mitra Purges are all top spots for them.


Funny, are you experiencing this in an official server? You know especially this camp is my most farmed from all the others in exile lands! I have at least 500 h in this camp… It never spawned anything else than Lemurians!
Now either your server is bugged (a good bug), either you don’t remember correctly (probably not), either I am fking unlucky all these years :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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