Zath Archpriest Location Conan Exiles Map

Hello good people of the forums (and those that are not so good…)

Does anybody have any ideas / knowledge of where the Zath Archpriest spawns? I have the alter upgraded but wish to have a Zath Archpriest to prey at it.

Your help will be gratefully appreciated. :slight_smile:


Am looking for it as well, so far didnt cross him on actuall map and nothing on the forumes…
I wish as well zath priest preying in my new altar and maybe even summon this spiderman :smiley:

This is speculation only.

I would try the demon spider bosses to see if any priest attendants tag along.

It might be purge only right now. I can neither confirm or deny this.

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I5, top of the cliff over Bonebreaker’s bend. Two spiders warding him, no building - a watchtower -. You are welcome.

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@Crisaor That is not an Archpriest. That is the person you learn the religion from in the first place.

Sorry then. I did not understand It correctly.

Any news on this after the 2.4.2 update? Still looking

You could try searching in Silkwood and deep inside Weaver’s Hollow.

I tried searching both places and there is no spawn point there for zath’s archepriest for the temple
I coudlt find them in black galeon as well

As @AstroPony has said, both places DO NOT harbour any Zath priests, let alone Archpriests.

Been all the places, nothing yet. Come on Funcom

I’d create a temporary SP mode character, then you could use admin controls to search through the thrall list and see which faction(s), if any, have Zath priests, then search in the areas tied to that faction. You could also summon in a convergence trap, along with the necessary fuel to power it to force a Purge

I don’t think you can learn the recipe for a Convergence Trap in the Exiled Lands.

Hence, why I suggested creating a temporary SP character, convergence traps summoned in via admin, along with the crafting recipe and fuel, work fine in the Exiled Lands in Single Player mode. Run the Zath tests there, then apply that knowledge on the primary character.

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It’s wherever an Exile Priest can spawn. It’s part of that spawn rotation. And yes, its actually there. Just RNG.

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Thanks Multigun. Will do for sure.

Ever since the wild surges were removed, this achievement has not been able to be unlocked. Although I have seen players unlock this on their steam profiles. What is the new method to unlocking this? It’s not by summoning a surge at the leyshrine then defeating them.l

Can you explain a little bit more?
Where are the exiles spawn for priests in exile land map? All the exiles location spawn doesnt spawn any priests, and the only place i can think of is sinners refuge.
Did you catch already some priests? Can you share please where or what location?
Thank you very much

Most likely anywhere a Mitra priest spawns, Zath priests have been added to the rotation. So murder a few Mitra priests and CoA at Sinner’s Refuge until a Zath priest decides to show up.