Priest of Zath?

Has anyone gotten a priest of Zath since the Chapter 2 release? I’ve been farming Mitra’s Serenity since release with no luck at all. No dancers of Zath, no priests, no named priests. I’m wondering if the chance to spawn changed?

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Occasionally, you can find a priestess in the Sinners Refuge in the back, I pulled Serka of the Silk, I cannot confirm since chpt 2 though. I’m still salty they kept sorcerers at the Shrine of the Oracle since AoS mechanics/features were “updated” for AoW, I want my Syra Brennerhet.


Sinners refuge and mitras serenity are the only spawn points of zath priests in EL…
Ive been looking for a T4 zath priest for a really long time… still nothing.

In Sinners refuge have gotten Zath dancer and priest unfortunately Serka of the Silk had a untimely death. What happens when the titles don’t come up properly.

I feel your pain. 5 years and counting.

The day before yesterday, during the level 7 Purge, we received Syra Brennerhet from cells!!!

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I got 2 syra’s from the purge, lvl 5 i think.


Syra, who is currently nowhere to spawn, can be obtained from Purge? Finally something interesting to catch and enslave. :smiley:

Dude i have find only 3 named priests since Zath religion arrived in this game. They are extremely rare!

Ps, happy anniversary!

I’d been farming Sinner’s Refuge also until I saw an AoS video that said they could not confirm a priest there after hundreds of tries. So I stopped going to SR on Saturday and just farmed MS. Welp, thanks for the confirmations everyone. I’ll keep up the farming in hopes of a Serka or at least an arch-priest.

Nice. Will give that a go. Thanks.

Mitra purges were the best way to get Zath priests. I got all named Zath priests from one purge once. Seemed a bit bugged, but after the removal of traditional purges, there’s no point in keeping that secret, I assume.


What’s the problem with Mitra purges on official servers?
The place to build for accepting these purges was mostly occupied. Mitra purges was the key to many things of this game, especially when purge crafters where making unique things and it was by far the easiest npc purge of the game.
I believe what we can ask from devs now is to add priests in the new purge chests , i don’t funcy the whole line of bearers in every purge :man_shrugging:.

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Camp at the top of the boulder close_ish to mitra’s serenity. Take a good bow. Kill the priest, wait for respawn. Rinse and repeat. Boring as hell. You can either go afk or do something else. The executioner’s cave is not too bad to lvl thralls meanwhile. It’s not ideal, but at least you’ll have something to do, @vargrmoon .

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Amen, brother. Amen. :face_holding_back_tears:

I lost mine when I had to merge to a new server early last year. Haven’t found her since.

I run to Mitra’s Serenity and harvest everyone who isn’t a Zath priest, then run to the Summoning Place, farm it, then around to take on ostriches, hyena, rocknoses, and then down to Sinner’s Refuge to check and harvest. Back up through spiders and hyena to Mitra’s Serenity to start over again. Fun times!

Yes, I’ve seen one spawn since the chapter 2 release in in sinner’s, and someone else got one at it’s other spawn location since the update on my server. They’re MUCH more common the the last several months to find than they used to be. I’m not sure when they increased their spawn rate, but they did for sure.

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Oh interesting. I’ve found their frequency to be exactly the opposite. Before Chapter 2 I was finding a priest of Zath (T1 through named) about one in five times). Now since Chapter 2 Its 0 in 100+ tries. (Hence my asking about it!)

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