Anyone seen Serka of the Silk in Exiled Lands?

I hate how vindictive the random spawns have been, I am of course at the point of wondering if I will ever find Serka of the Silk

I farm a lot and have some degree of patience with this infuriating system (I’ve got a pile of Swords of Crom). Serka is driving me crazy, I’ve never farmed so hard for anything. I’ve been camped at Mitra’s Serenity for weeks logging in every 15 minutes and killing a Mitra priest. I’ve gotten Nydal the Spinner 4 times. Not a hint of Serka. :frowning:

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I’ve only ever gotten 1 zath priest, and it was a lowly dancer of zath. She might spawn, but dear lord the zath priest spawn rate needs a serious buff.


She spawns in the Sinner’s Refuge, and seems to be in the same RNG as the Asura chosen.

I don’t know if she spawns anywhere else.

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I have never seen her and only found Nydal once.

You are correct, Zath T4s are rare beyond any reasonable RNG.

She will spawn when you will not be able to slave her, the story of my life :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Yes I’ve seen her but I never bothered to slave her, I was looking for other thralls. Now if I decide to slave her, count on it I will search for a week.

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she is perhaps by far the hardest thrall statistically to find in the game.

I have seen more legacy crom swords and yog touches recently than her.

Legacy Crom swords?? I have some pre-nerf Yog’s Touch axes, did Sword of Crom get a nerf at some point? I think my old (~1yr) and recent ones are all the same - 91 damage, 22% armor pen.

She absolutely does spawn in the Exiled Lands.

She does not have a lower spawn rate than Nydal.

She does not have an equal spawn rate to the Chosen of Asura.

It is far better to hunt for Zath Priests at Mitra’s Serenity than Sinner’s Refuge. Zath Priests will have a lower chance to spawn than Mitra Priests at either location, but the Chosen of Asura take up a majority of the spawn percent in Sinner’s Refuge

Been farming the mithras serenity for months and killed the priest spawn hundreds of times and no T4 zath, untill yesterday Nydal!!! First ever for me :slightly_smiling_face:


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I have not seen that thrall on my server so far and I got a lot out of that cave by now.

All I can say is I have captured her at Sinners Refuge, and She spawns instead of one of Asuras Chosen which is what I meant.

What about Derketo t4’s I’ve never seen one

Derketo is the worst. They do exist, but… wow are they ever rare.

Of course, if you happened to hoard a bunch of Stathem the Embalmers during the Grave Matters event, then you would now have a bunch of named Derketo priests.

Where they Derketo or t4 for everyone?

During the Grave Matters event, he was a taskmaster, then Funcom changed him to be a Derketo priest for some reason after the event ended.

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Yesterday was a good day, got my 5th Sword of Crom and after 70 Red Mother kills finally got Final Breath of the Red Mother. I’ve given up on Serka and Derketo priests, that’s just nonsense.

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Guys, I’m sorry that this is off topic, but I had an emergency, went to the server and saw that I didn’t have my house, the slaves were all in the air and nothing else, it was written in the logs that the administration removed the buildings, they didn’t use bugs, they didn’t break the rules. How to contact the administration?! Or where to apply?

On an official server? Some people file claims against other peoples bases vindictively. But it’s all one way. You can’t get it back you can’t ask for it undone.

One of the reasons I was asking about official server forums - so maybe these conversations can be had, or common trends can be noticed

I feel that.

The T4 Derketo priests are absolutely a nightmare.