How do you get the required items for the burn offerings for Derketo isle of Siptah?

How do you get the required items for the burn offerings like the flesh of remembrance, for example in the Isle of Siptah?

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They’re random drops. They’re main purpose is to teach you their respective religions if you don’t know them already, since there are no trainers on Siptah.


Those item seem rather specific for random drops. I’m trying to upgrade my pleasure Place of Derketo but can’t without the required items. When I looked it up online the wiki only give you the info on where and how to get them in the Exiled Lands. I find it to be really annoying that Isle of Siptah has been out as long as it has a d that info hasn’t been updated and is virtually impossible to find online anywhere. I say this after searching for over an hour and getting nothing that applied to the Isle of Siptah dlc concerning these items.

Well, you don’t need those particular items to upgrade. What you need is the Manifestation of Zeal, which can be easily acquired just by crafting the Elixir of Freedom potion. Just run around with a sickle clearing out weeds and you’ll have a stack or two of bugs for them in no time.

The whole burn offerings thing is basically just a way to make those items useful if you already know the religion it teaches. Otherwise they’d just be worthless junk serving no other purpose than to take up inventory space.


When I look at the shrine’s crafting menu it says that those are required for the manifestation of zeal is why I’m asking where and how to get them. Either that or the manifestation of zeal and the burn offerings have the same item imagine for whatever stupid reason…

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Yeah, I know. Those recipes only produce manifestations of zeal, so that’s why it shows up like that. I know they don’t say it, but some of the others produce them as well. When you craft an Elixir of Freedom, it produces both an elixir and a manifestation. I think the armor and the dagger do the same thing.


In addition to the sliver of unfulfilled to potion of freedom option (most crafting at shrines give you favour) the high value offerings that are religion teachers reliably drop from named priests…

Of which there aren’t many, but rejoice, there is a place almost guaranteed to have a named priest!

At the Bastard’s Stand, south eastern portion of K-10, a named Setite almost always spawns at the shrine. Slay them and you will get eyes of set, which you may consume to learn the Setite religion, or offer to other gods (Zath turns their olfactory receptors up at this type of offering tho). The Altar the priest is at also teaches one of the Stygian building items, I think it’s the palisades.

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