Exiled Lands map, new religion craft items, are the components available?

There are new craft options in temples now that require items such as Flesh of remembrance, eye of set etc…

Is this Siptah only content? I know where I can get the flesh or remembrance in the Exiled Lands but unless the timer has been changed for the decay of that flesh, I don’t think I’ll be able to get it to my temple in time.

Are the items required to craft the new options available in the Exiled Lands?


Hmm Im going to have to check these out. I hadnt even noticed.

Hey there,

The Eye of Set seems to be an Isle of Siptah only item currently. Its description also mentions it will teach the Set religion (as a replacement for the method used in the Exiled Lands).

Owners of the Isle of Siptah DLC are able to use Isle of Siptah items, recipes etc. in the Exiled Lands -as long as you have any pre-requisite base game feats-.

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The flesh of remembrance timer is much longer now

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There are 2 types of flesh of remembrance (one available in the exiled lands and one in siptah). You need the siptah one to use in the offerings.

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Has anyone happened upon any Crom related artifacts or craftables thus far?

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Crom gave you every gift you need to crush your enemies at birth.

To request more is to invite dooms and curses.


That is odd, I dont recall saying anything about ‘requesting’ anything from Crom.

Weapons which have been forged as a tribute to him already exist in Conan Exiles. And if Scott’s teaser in the most recent Q&A dev stream is any indicator, then it is highly probable that more are on the way. Furthermore, if building something as a show of allegiance did happen to ‘invite doom and curses’, to me it is worth the risks. Living in a state of perpetual fear and quiverring of doom and curses is also a form cowardice. Crom despises cowards and weaklings.

For CROM!! :smiling_imp: :metal:

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