How to change religion?

So i want to learn the emotes for the other religions, primarily Yog. I have visited the trainer and the option is there but it is greyed out. I have built a “Pit of Yog” and have generated some zeal but that doesn’t seem to activate the option for me.

Is there a way to unlock the emotes?

If the option is grayed out you should already know it. You can learn every religion and the emotes for each, don’t have to be mono-theistic.

Yeah thats what i thought as well, but for some reason i don’t have the emote for it…

I think the emotes are learned separately, try the Conan Exiles Interactive Map

Yes that did the trick thank you. I just assumed you would get it when you spoke to the trainer.

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The yog emotes are at the summoning place in the back by the altar I believe.

In what religion are you interested right now?

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