How do you like the gods?

What do you think of the gods? Anything you think is cool or disturbing? Like for instance with me I am very concerned with the Derketo recipe that allowed you to trade oil for blood at a PLEASURE PLACE of Dekerto. Personally, I think Yog is the best by far, the survivability he provides is second to none with Ambrosia in second. Not to mention Yog is from Lovecraft and Lovecraft beats all gods.
Who’s your favorite and why?

  • Yog
  • Derketo
  • Set
  • Mitra
  • Ymir
  • Crom

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I think we all could use a little bit of love you specially yog . he is my favorite but the sites the purified meat everything else he offers pretty much sucks. I know you don’t want any God to be over paralytic compared to others but good Lordis he underpowerd. The ability to harvest bones as well but that would be a big help.derketo could you use a lot of love as well

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All god’s system is bugged at this moment. But, if we ignore that detail, I prefer Set for the antidote. Also cheap arrows. U can find a cheap alternative for all other god’s assets. Purified flesh? Food and water are easy to obtain at any place. Ambrosia? U can harvest large amounts of aloe with sickle.

I must say i love Derketo armor and aesthetics, but sadly devs do’nt make their homework and this godess implementation in game is still awful.


My Crom works fine.


Crom of course. I love to play as a Cimmerian, so it’s the obvious choice for me :slight_smile:


Ymir. cause whats not to love about a giant wielding a gigantic axe that leaves an aura of frost in in its wake. The god armor is also pretty decent.

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I also like the Derketo aesthetic with the mask and altars but I find the benefits of Derketo a little underwhelming. I am interested to see what they do with Jhebbal Sag.

I find the cannibalism disturbing. Also the blood sacrifice. The whole thing is terrible. Even a “good” god like mitra requires human sacrifice (last I checked anyway). This is as sick as it gets.

Well, according to lore, Mitra does not require sacrifice. The idea in the game is that you are putting souls to rest, but yeah, the way it plays out you are pretty much just killing people to make offerings at the shrine like other gods.

I picked Derketo for purely art and lore reasons, but, man … this game actively punishes you, right now, if you don’t pick Set or Mitra.

  • Set: Best starter potion. Best arrows in the game. Best costume piece (the gas mask). OK legendary weapon. (YMMV; personally, I’m not a big fan of daggers.) Stupidly overpowered avatar. Tied for easiest arch priest to find.

  • Mitra: Second best starter potion. Actually practical early decor piece (replaces your well). One of the two best legendary weapons. Decent avatar. Easy to recruit high priest.

  • Derketo: Fairly useful starter potion, but time consuming to grind for early on. (20 bugs per? Really?) Best looking costume, even if it roleplay-only. Poor legendary weapon. (Swords badly need a buff to be good at something, if you ask me.) Stupidly easy to grind zeal quickly (oil to blood requires no sacrifices, just fish traps and a press). Second best looking but worst performing avatar in the game. Impossible to recruit arch priest (until next patch).

  • Yog: Mostly useless starter potion. Mostly useless weapons, legendary and otherwise. (Mace? Javelin? Seriously?) Second best avatar in the game. Tied for easiest arch priest to recruit.

  • Ymir: Completely useless starter potion. One of the two best weapons, that axe is pretty sweet. Religious costume duplicates an existing skin. Cannot craft anything else of any value. Okay avatar. Mildly time consuming to recruit arch priest. Incredibly time consuming grind for zeal, the only religion that has no 1 sacrifice = 1 zeal crafting item.

  • Crom: Sticks you with a journey step that can’t be completed unless you join a clan that has an altar or join another religion at least temporarily. In which case why bother?

They badly need to rebalance the religions.


What journey step are you referring to?

Probably the summoning of an Avatar. Either way, Crom is a bit useless :stuck_out_tongue:
Edit: Or any of the early journey steps for building an altar or making something in them.

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He probably means all those different steps which have connections to religion.
None of them can be done if one sticks with Crom, and stays with that…

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Mitra for me - fits best with my general ethos and doesn’t go in for all this carving out of hearts and such like!

Also he gives me tasty Ambrosia :yum:

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I like the religion system but not the god avatars. I also think there should be a ‘midgame’ religion power. Instead of summoning a giant avatar you could become the mortal imbodiment of the god for a time.

They should also add Xotli.

No I don’t miss playing a Herald of Xotli at all, what gives you that idea? <.<

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Well Crom needs to be an option considering you have Cimmerians in the game. I think they need to add more race based gods. Like Ishtar, Yun, Xotli, if you want a god from a non playable race. I would like to see the religion of Yag-Kosha added, it could add a bit of sorcery based around the shrine.

I prefer Ymir though he does not currently fit my race so I am not using him. There is just something about a Father of the Giants wielding a big axe, and the fact that I find Norse mythos very interestingy.


I was thinking of 3.7 (“Venerate the gods”) but as somebody just pointed out, also 10.5 (“Summon the avatar of a god”).

I think venerate the gods triggers when you click on an altar whether or not you own it. Not sure if it is intended. The others require you to actually make things in the altar and do require religious feats.

You got to remember the place this all sets place in. The Exiled Lands, a place where humans can NOT survive or even thrive. The serious lack of easy food can lead people to cannibalism, not to mention start a religion based on it. As of the blood sacrifice, every religion has had blood sacrifices in it, they may try to hide it but it is just something that comes with the divines. We aren’t in a civilized land anymore, we must fight to survive.

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It does bring up a good point that I wrestle with as well. At what point does consenting to participate in a simulation of a grotesque act altar ones perception of the acceptability of that act. I doubt that many, if any, people will start indulging in cannibalism or human sacrifice becaus they play Conan Exiles (I wish I could be more certain but there really are some disturbed people out there); however, I am well acquainted with the sense of how disturbing this can be even in a game context. I am less impacted by this in CE because the NPCs are such poor facsimile of people and the acts are so abstracted that it does not register as a simulation of a grotesque act.

The Namira quest in Skyrim was a different story. I failed to realize that the only way to succeed the quest was to engage in murder and cannibalism. I was convinced there was a victory condition that did not require this. By the time I realized there was not it was too late. I still believe that one of Bethesda’s greatest fails is attaching the words Quest Failed to not committing murder and cannibalism.