How do you like the gods?



I didn’t play Skyrim, but one thing really jumps out at me about the design of Conan Exiles: it assumes that we really are the bad guys of the Conan universe, for the most part, and incentivizes us to play accordingly. If you play with Crom as your god and skip the whole religion system, you miss out on having basically any of the “magic” in the game other than self-resurrection and simple alchemy – but in exchange you get to insist with a straight face that your character could well be innocent of their alleged crimes and isn’t a monster. They put enough disincentives in that probably no more than 3% of the player characters could seriously call themselves the good guys, and it looks to me like that was an intentional artistic decision.

But then, that’s why I play a Kushíte female Derketoist and RP her as a dominatrix. I kid myself that MY thralls enjoy it when I’m done with them; it’s why I stationed my dancers in Derketo armor (which, let’s be honest, is even more of a burlesque outfit than any of Frazetta’s Conan paintings) around the Wheel of Pain and feed them lobster and steamed crab instead of gruel. (Which, by the way, works great if you have enough fish and shellfish traps.)

Even for play, I don’t think I personally could play a Yog worshiper.


Not to disrespect your beliefs but purely conversational, you talk of cannibalism as if it was inherently evil. There are many religions in today’s world that still practice ritualistic cannibalism and they are relatively nice people , even casually some people go out and eat human as cuisine. And as for the Derketo religion, it is largely based around harming others, torture and whatnot. In my personal opinion I would say Derketo is more evil than Yog, despite Yog being an Elder One.


All you have to do to get “Venerate the Gods” is to find a random altar and look inside it (trivial as it can’t be locked) - you don’t have to learn that exact religion or own the altar or be in the clan.


The religion system is incomplete to say the least.

Bugs aside (I think we can all agree just to fix whatever bugs there are), there needs to be more added and some adjustments made.

I don’t like the idea of the religions being all learned. I think the one you start with should be the one you have and that is it. Of course a lengthy quest to change religions could be placed in and that’d be fine. But the religions need to be more than just feats.

So here’s a rough draft on how I’d like to see it. You start with a religion and at level 20 or so, you can go to the religious teacher to get the next ‘rank’. You perform a quest for them and they teach you the new stuff and allow you to upgrade your altars. And then again at 50 or so. And then finally you do a final quest to make your diety’s legendary weapon. Something cool, some dialogue, ton of lore, all that good RP stuff.

The quests would revolve around the Deity’s nature. Something involving sacrifice and snakes with Set, righting wrongs and meting out justice for Mitra, offering the various peoples to the pits for their wisdom for Yog, ect.

The items you can make at each altar need to be on par with every other religion. Fix the disparity so certain religions aren’t better than others, just different. And I think allowing only one at a time would fix the issue of Set/Mitra being the go to religion as it would allow better stuff on the others.

I’d also like to see the religious garments have a full 5 for all religions, and have stats on them. Even if it was Survival or Encumbrance. They look good, and its a shame we don’t have much use for them.

Not only would I like to see the choice of god for the individual be important. But for entire groups of people, and even entire clans. I’d like to see rituals that take multiple players to pull off. These could have interesting effects like buffs, or hexes in an area. But only work if there is no opposing deities in the area (Crom worshipers do not count against this)

And finally Crom, the lore states that praying to Crom has no benefit, for he gives no aid to his followers except for the strength at birth to crush their enemies. So Crom has no altar and no quests, and no priests. But choosing Crom means you eschew the benefits of all others. This should come as a benefit to itself. At level one you get +1 to STR, at 20 its +3, and finally +5 at 50.

And while I understand that this potentially grants up to 50 attribute points depending on build. I would like to see the benefits of the other religions match that. A player should stare at their character creation screen for a minute pondering.

Also, the Crom bonus is lost if you do a religion switch quest. Once you turn from Crom, you cannot go back. His ‘blessing’ was given only at birth. Gotta stick with the lore here.


THIS is how I expected religion will work in CE. Major game mechanic dividing player base into groups warring each other because of religious differences but also grouping for the same reasons. Just like FACTIONS in some other games. With 1 small neutral or friendly camp or town for each religion for some RP but also PVP reasons… each religion would have some specific races so you can get certain thrall only in opposite “factions” town. If CE was build around this carefully and properly it would change the whole concept of current Survival games. There is so much good stuff they could do with religions (thus with the game it self) but FC f****d up instead and missed the target by miles… Sure there are many balance questions… but i would not mind 2 years of EA to make this work. Such a shame they made this game only to save the company from bankruptcy… Now we have completely of out concept cosmetic DLCs, absolutely unimportant special ammunitions and funny but anoter ARK like “pet system”… SHAME… SHAME…

I can only hope there is much more players like you TAEMIEN and that FC will hear us and deliver game as it was promised… (but I have super low expectations…sadly)


I disagree with you, sir. Crom is totally working as intended. :slight_smile: :smiley:


I think that only works on a PvP server, right?


Could be. I did it on a PVE-Conflict server which I think has similar rulesets to PVP with no raiding and limited PVP window.


I always pick Crom myself and then learn all the religions, and when I make altars (I do normally make at least one altar of Mitra) I RP in my head that my chaarcter is doing that for his/her thralls, so they can venerate their gods :stuck_out_tongue:

The only thing I never did in game yet, is upgraded Set or Yog temples, and if I ever do, I’d do it using the admin panel and not using the cleaver/daggers… again, RP-ing that my thralls are doing it and not my character.


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