Faction relationship

Relic Hunters (Set religion)
Dafari Cannibals (Yog religion)
Dogs of the Desert (Jhebbal Sag religion, including the follower of Jhebbal Sag in the dungeon)
Heirs of the North (Ymir religion)
Followers of Mitra (Mitra religion)
Followers of Derketo (Derketo religion)
Black Hand (Slave traders)
Giant Kings
Votaries of Skelos
Frost Giant
Forgetten Tribe

Now except for certain NPCs and relic hunters, all others are permanently hostile towards player, and I think it’s time to change that.

Each faction should have a relationship meter to all players. The ones positive at the start will be the ones are friendly now and the religion one you picked. And others are hostile by default.

Wearing certain factions warpaint or wearing the religion/faction gear will grant you relationship bonus, and when you relationship reach certain height they will teach you more faction specific recipes and sell you faction/religion items at their headquarter

To improve relationship, one needs to kill the factions bordering enemies, and sometimes “purge” will spawn to NPC camps so you can help defend. When you reach a positive relationship, you can also give their desired items (religion items etc) or drag knocked out enemies to them as slaves to improve relationship.

With this implemented, we can expand to dynamic faction wars, that they might fight over any non-capital locations, and players can help their own preferred faction to win wars, because the bigger the territory the more convenient for the player to get access to their bonuses.


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