Age of Civilization

Age of Civilization:

  • Finish the faction system:
    Each group of thrall are in their own faction. The reason Relic hunters don’t attack players unprovoked is because players are set to their faction by default. It would be great to be able to choose our faction instead

  • More diverse traders:
    Moving forward with the idea of people choosing their faction. Adding new traders to each capital area of each group and making it so you can only talk to them if you are in that faction. (Animal traders will still need to be for everyone).

  • Better traders:
    Traders currently are just not worth it. Excluding the selling of pets none of the traders are particularly useful. They need to have trades people will actually use.

  • Quests:
    People in your faction could ask you to do things for them. Escort, gathering, delivering goods, etc. Could possible connect it to the battel pass XP?

  • Improve the Pagoda of Endless Lust (Or what ever it’s called):
    Add some tents and furniture to the area directly outside. Liven the place up a bit.

  • Improve the eternally neglected Mitrins:
    Give the Mitrins a proper settlement in the north desert oasis.

  • Thralls gather resources:
    The devs said they wanted to do this anyway. This would be a good age to do so.


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