Thrall Exception and Trade + More armor relevance - Attribute overhaul

I think this game is fantastic but i think from playing it it needs some extra bits adding in.

I think a thrall (has been mentioned) that enables trading. Seems simple enough, a bearer thrall that players from other clans/alone can talk with, you set the items in their inventory and the ‘cost’ for each x1 of the item and players can trade with it.

I also think an option in the ingame menu for player exceptions would make sense. Meaning you can set players from outside your clan/group into a list that means your Thralls won’t attack them? This would go alongside the trader thrall so players could enter your base but if they access any other inventory than the trader thrall they go back to being attacked by your thralls.

I think there needs to be a lot more armours. Or at the very least the armours need to make sense with the temperature. I don’t understand how a skimpy fur shoulder cover and some earrings can provide better resistance to cold than say a large full body covering armour? I don’t mind mentioning that I prefer the look of some armours over others as well, I understand completely that is out of my hands but i think a system to make certain armours more viable in colder climates would be good.
Maybe just a system where you can choose to wear certain layers of clothes underneath the armor instead?

I think a stealth system for NPC/Animals needs to be implemented, nothing for PVP just for NPC. It’s really annoying sneaking around at night time and everything nearby instantly notices you in the pitch black. Isn’t required for PVP however, that’s more realistic, other than the irritating ‘grunting’ your player makes when moving around sometimes, but i suppose that comes down to skill in movement.

I reckon a combat levelling system more akin to some other RPGs would be better. It’s very limiting in my opinion. I think it would be better to be able to add attributes into greatsword, longsword, daggers, bow etc etc instead of just Strength - Accuracy. I think the current attribute system is good but needs a small overhaul.

I Love the game, really sinking some hours into it now.

These are merely suggestions to see what the community thinks obviously not demands :smiley:

Thanks guys

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