New Thrall concepts and some ideas for life, whatcha think exiles

Me and bro are coop playing to figure out all the little stuff. For me just familiarizing myself with all craft icon and receipts makes me feel more comfortable. The fighting make this survival game so much more engaging. To my point: we were talking yesterday about four thrall concepts.

1:) merchant (you place a box after breaking the thrall. that works like a shop one item for each respective teir level. So level 4 merchant 4 items.

2:) patrolling either a guard function or a thrall. (After setting thrall, you can interact and set up four patrol points within like five foundations or so for Each point. Teirs would determine amount of patrol points. 1:1 teir level to patrol points)

3:)barkeep to set behind the counters in our taverns they have the similar market box, it could look like a draft top(could be ontop of the bar counter) or a fridge, However works like the Crafters only having the ale brew mead of their races respective biome. You can store a type of ale and players can trade silver or gold for a pint. Amounts worth will be determined by tier of the thrall.
It be cool too if the barkeep had a rumor talk button option. Could bring lore into to direct people without looking to YouTube or forums.

4:) gatherers - berry pickers and other things maybe even hunters for like rabbits and small game. Amount gather over time would be determined by teir. You break the thrall. Place a thrall than interact and set gather point.

-Now the inspiration for the concepts is not to allow for laziness but to stire life into the base some movement from non player elements. You’d still have to manage all the teideums lol grab the food bring it to the cooks and the hides to the tanners and so forth.

My brother said this as a joke but it stired this idea.
-What if the npcs used emotes. Like the guards leaned and what not. Chug a beer if you place one near their guard spot. The joke was if you waved at one they wave back occasionally


All your ideas are very nice. Some of them are existing already via mods. In general more interaction with Thralls and Pets and more functionality to them would be very motivating an fun.


I’m always sad after venturing into a new game to realize the PC version has mods. Lol I just grew up on console. Never had a great PC. Thanks for feedback. That is the inspiration here just some QOL for the thrall and pet system. The way the system is in place it allows for these concepts to translate to very well into game mechanics.

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Life the ideas especially the merchant yes mods offer a few choices but would be nice for a base game design

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New Additional function for dancer you can switch them into juggling would be cool as well

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Or they could have dialogue such as “I used to be an adventurer like you, but then I took a truncheon in the head.”

On a more serious note, I like your suggestions. Making the game feel more “alive” is something many of us want, as it seems that despite the game’s initial lean towards PvP, many of us (mis)use it for role-playing purposes.


Id use blunted arrows to thrall them than haha

I like your ideas and I think devs will work on some of them in future (now they are busy with mounts).

The only think I’m not sure we will have is the gatherer. I like the concept, it already exists in strategy games (and since CE let us have thralls I don’t see gatherers out of context): when our characters have thralls they become kings, warlords: it would be odd to see a king with a pick to mine stone and iron :stuck_out_tongue: … but it would be a little hard to implement I’m afraid.

However, as I said, Thralls rework is something devs would work on in the future and I like your ideas.


I’m so excited for mounts just knowing the devs are working made me pick this up when it was on sale from Xbox. I’m impressed I haven’t fully explored I’d say I’m a full fledged Fletcher/dye producer. Getting into the coin making business lol just breeding my rock noses. I do agree it could be hard to implement. My brother and I, are not game devs and wouldnt know where to begin but for the sake of not throwing an idea out there with some way of implementation is cruel haha but we came up with gather points that don’t null the respawn radius (very small like two or three nodes worth of space)where you drop it and the gatherer that you have working at the node will periodically go to that or up to four one gather point per level. Can’t place this inside the base perimeter, because there’s nothing to gather.

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I loved you comment about the king with a pick axe thats meme able