List of fixes, suggestions, and tweaks Id really like to see

  1. OK first and foremost I completely do not understand why we can not change the clothing appearance of Thralls that working.

IE the blacksmiths, carpenters, Tanners, ect.
We can put fighters and archers in armor and what not but unable to for thralls that working.

Makes no sense to me and a huge frustration I have with game.

  1. Buddy of mine was asking if he bought game could he build a Bar and sell goods in it
    Well he could build the bar of course
    But there is no way to have a merchant sell goods to other players.

So I would LOVE to see that little adjustment added to game so people could make trading posts and bars and what not inside the world.

  1. Teleportation between owned homes.
    So Im kinda so so on this concept but fact is I have 4 houses now in different regions and getting between them kinda pain. Even if its only to ensure nothing happened to them.

I can understand why we don’t have this but at same time it would be a huge time saver
Even if its only to inspect the house with out interacting with it physically.

  1. Allow removal of fighter thralls.
    Right now after you break them, other then death I don’t see how you can release a thrall if you no longer want them.

For worker thralls you just drop them outta inventory
But for archers and fighters there is no mechanic I’m aware of.


I love the trade idea, it would be a huge improvement for RP players and it would inspire alot of RP interactions across all server types.

But it would require coding an economic/trading system into the game. Some RP servers have been working out way’s to trade in game. Your friend could try playing on an RP server, I’m sure there’s plenty of servers that would welcome another trader or tavern owner.

As for the thralls you don’t want, you can drag them into a boss fight to “retire” them.
But I agree there should be an easier way, like removing their bracelet.

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welll for the trade aspect
we already can create coins and what not
so wouldnt be a huge stretch to allow someone to price a item using crafted coins

Or something along those lines anyways

Removing their braclet would be the perfect fix!
Awesome idea, Didnt even think of it