A trader thrall would be fun

You set down a little stand put a trader thrall in it. This thrall can’t be killed while in shop but has a cool down or you have to manually reset shop daily. The shop can accumulate goods over time from other npc thralls or do business with real players (example-coal is 5 silver coins or trade stone for hyena fur). You go get your end of day profits/ trade. Now if we are in radius of a active shop no player or threat npc could attack. Just thinking of how to get trading and selling into the game. Community friendly comments are welcomed.


Pippi mod has this built in now. Its so cool. You can create a trader market full of these thing.

Damn wish we had that for PS4!

I would love this feature. Hell all I need is for the merchants in game to be able to be taken and used. I wouldn’t care if the item they sold was random or not.
Just the ability to place a merchant would be cool even if on the whole he was useless.

I was also wondering if an admin on private server can spawn a merchant into the game?

I dont think those merchant in game are spawn merchant but rather props of a merchant

That is a shame then.

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