Merchant thralls

Love to have a new object called “Merchant Table” That we could put a thrall into (just like the smelters, taksmasters ect) for our PVE servers.

If the merchant actually could sell things we put into the table to other players for coins that would be great too.

Bug fixes first but something like this would be a great addition to our server.


There are already merchants in the game. I think these should be able to be broken and made to trade goods for their owners.

As suggested above there would be a craftable station. Give it HP amounting to about 200-300k.
Once placed would only be able to run with merchant thrall. Two slots in main GUI at the top and invantory slots below decided into giving and receiving. To guests these invantory slots will always show empty. To the owner all invantory is visable. First slot would be item you are looking for be it gold coin, bar, hide, bark, ect…
The second slot would be the item you are offering in exchange.
The number of items in each slot is the ratio of the exchange.
Example: slot one, 3 steel bars. Slot two, 1steel reinforcement.
For every 3 steel bars given, you gain 1steel reinforcement.

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i wouldn’t like to have a table todo this, rather it would be nice to see some NPC’s in cities with the ability to buy stuff from you, maybe just a limit per day, or something like an auctioneer house where the players atleast could trade with each other.

If you are on pc then you have to use the mod Pippi from Joshtech. In the next update he implements merchant NPCs :innocent:

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Be a nice outlet for all the extra leather I end up with. lol

We’re on Xbox. The players on my server have been building little settlement bases and trading with each other a lot. Thats why I thought a placeable merchant object like the tanner, blacksmith ect would work well for them. NPCs bring issues like running off or not standing where you want them to… Or getting killed. Haha.

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Our clan leader has their construction thralls surrounded by an army of fighters and archers, so losing any named crafters hasn’t been an issue yet. :slight_smile: