Can you create a merchant table for PVE servers?

Game mode: Online
Problem: Need to enhanche interaction between players
Region: Europe

I’m playing on a PVE server and I love roleplay games. Me and other players created a clan with the only reason to manage a pub so we can interact with other players passing by our region. We are trading items with fair trades but we cannot be online 24/24. Wouldn’t be great to have a merchant table where you offer some items and accept others in trade while we are offline? Anyone else could need this?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


If you were on a PC there might be a mod for what you want to do. I don’t think it’s possible on ps4. I am sure someone will explain why. To technical for me. Have Fun.

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i like this idea in general. I always thought there could be a toll to set for using a map room as well. Even on PVP, it would be great. You set the non clan price for people to port. each obbie could be priced differently. Merchant table could work the same way. you put supplies in it as the owner. Would work like a vending machine. To craft the item, you put the “price”. Player would put the mats in, hit craft if it is sufficient, and get the item.


I also very much like this idea. Power to the community. This could be valuable to pvp as weel. Trading between rival clans for peace, etc.


Hey there @troubador

Mind if we move your thread to the Suggestions forum? :slight_smile:
It’s quite an interesting idea, we’ll send them to our team.


Wouldn’t mind a good way to thrall swap. I think there should be a garage sale table or lemonade stand that you could load with stuff that is up for trade.

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always liked the idea of setting thralls, but it would be tedious to have to do individually. There needs to be a main setting, maybe alert levels. level 1 passive to everything except purges (when thrall hunting?). Level 2 passive unless being attacked. Level 3 aggressive, attack first- question 2nd for NPC’s and beasts, but passive to players unless attacked. Level 3 KOS anything other than clan. If on follow, you can set it individually. It would reset to group setting when in reset to home spot, move/guard option.

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Sure! I think we all woukd be more than happy if the trade bench woukd be implemented!

On PC. PIPPI, Emberlight, Savage Steel, etc mods allow that. I am surprised this side is not being looked at by FunCom as it would make an awesome DLC.

All FC would need to do would be to pay the respective modders to own the mod code, or hire them :slight_smile: - sad

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