A few plugin suggestions

Hello community,

  • (Merchant Thrall)Could it be the merchant in the game and we can sell our own goods, sell the goods to other players or we can buy.
  • Changing or customization the clothes of slaves working in stations.(Carpenter, Blacksmith vs.)
    What do you think about these issues?

I agree I’ve been trying to trade but everyone is to scared

Yea in the server i play they pay gold bars just to buy a stack if branches

  1. Pippi Server mode, Social Merchant Thespian / Dialogue Thespian (you have to make a script for it, but it’s very easy).
  2. Emberlight, Thrall Vanity workstation.

I use both mods for my Single Play, and there are some private servers with them.

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I prefer Fashionist for my thralls, but that’s just a matter of personal preference.

Mods won’t help console players or anyone on official though and that’s why we need a solution from FunCom.

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I thought “plugins” were for “mods”. And I agree, such features would be welcome in the vanilla game.

I’d like to make uniforms for my thralls :slight_smile:

But I don’t understand exactly how you want the merchant thrall thing works.

Usually, playing PvE-C, I trade with other players.

If the merchant thrall can pay me in bricks or other resources it will be good, but also… a shortcut for a survival game.
If it pays me in gold or silver coins… well… nice idea for roleplayers but too few merchants in the game to be useful for other means than making alchemical base (99% of the money I collect are used for this mean, and not for trade with other players or buy things from merchants).

There are “auctions” in other MMORPGs. You come to Auctioneer, put the amount you want to sell, set your price in some game currency. Others look through the lots and buy what they want, after that you get your money and lots that were not sold. Pippi mod presents own game currency and Social Merchants that work in the same way. It can be interesting for dense-populated servers I think.

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