Shopping relationship

The idea is inspired by the fact that we have the attributes of a bar, tavern clothes (Inn-Keepers Vestments and Inn-Keepers Pants). You go into someone’s built town and there are craftsmen with craft signs, a tavern, an emitation of the market square, but it’s not possible to drink a beer or exchange goods. Since this is unfortunately a “mirage” (sham).
The basic idea:
Separate new thralls or enable merchant mode through existing menus of “named” thrall. When contacting him, realize the function of barter or commodity-money circulation.
For example, 10 beer = 10 silver coins or 1000 stones = 500 wood. (Window for indicating numbers and a drop-down list of objects on the side).
For the buyer, the trading menu will look like the current NPCs of merchants (in Sepermeru).
Depending on the possible, place the goods and the result of the transaction in the named thrall inventory or make a special trading box (cash register) to which thrall will be attached (like a thrall box in the furnace).


sobs maybe then people would visit my out door market!! Maybe a tweek to your idea, instead of it being a radial menu setting maybe just a craftable market stall/booth that you slap a thrall into and set your prices in the booths inventory.



I don’t know what platform you’re on, but if you can use mods look at pippi
it has a thing called a thespian that has a market function that allows you to set up and sell things.

I also think this should be in the base game. but until then check out pippi, if you can use mods. :wink:

My PC platform, I am aware of mods. But the proposal relates to the base game.

Well you can always agree to exchange goods in a barter system. This would however require you to be present at all times however. But you could leave notes stating what you are willing to trade things for and people can then try to barter with you. But a new thrall that would allow for purchasing / selling for the already existing silver / gold coins would be a wonderful improvement. And a specific bench / stall to put them in. I am afraid that funcom would not allow you to set your own prices in that case however and everything would be for generic flat fee’s.

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