Trade System and other services

Trade system, like an Auctioneer house will bring new functionality to the game. Also services like tabern or lodging house. So one player can build a tabern or a hostal, with the posibility of selling hight level food and drinks or rent one bed for a couple of days. It would be very funny and provide players a safe place to rest in a journey.


Trading is a must. It’s fine having some resources be more scarce in some areas than others. However it’s a pain having to walk around everywhere to obtain what you need. Better just trading for what you need so everyone benefits.


If will be useful a workstation like a “market place”. In this market place you can put items to sell with pre-stablished price by the player.

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They should have something.
I have all these gold and silver coins and nothing to spend them on.
I know I can buy an ale for 5 silver in sepermeru, but the good people of asgarth will give it up for free with a little persuasion.

Would be nice to be able to offload one of the hundreds of stacks of leather I have for 50 resin or bark.

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As you said, there should be a marketplace which you can sell good locally for coin. When a thrall is attached to it, you should be able to trade globally. When you have a lower tier thrall, purchasing items globally will cost more than originally. At the best tier, you purchase globally for what it’s worth.

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