New merchent thralls to sell our wares?

How about adding the ability to capture merchent thralls to sell our wares for us so we dont have to worry about dropping stuff and hoping they follow up with their offer. I mostly harvest and this would be a boon so I dont have to wait for said person to show up to make the transaction. On a side note, how about adding a bounty board that we can post on and add a reward compensation? Might be too much as all i can think of is if you bring the players head back for proof.


The idea of trading thralls is very cool.

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Currently the game has a couple of ‘Merchants’ in Sepermeru selling single items and of course the egg sellers in The Den. Other than that there are only mods offering this as an option. Based on some of the FunCom streams, where they look at some of the mods like PIPPI and Age of Calamitous, there is interest in merchants and the like, but who knows if FC would do anything from their side. As it is, they have likely learnt their lessons in saying they are looking at anything, ever, because of the abuse they get for not releasing it :slight_smile:

If you want to have a look at merchants and bounty hunters, have a look at private servers running the mods above.

I am holding out hope that the Bronze/Copper coins given for roleplaying purposes will become a legitimate extension of the in game currency/mercantile system. And a few new corresponding Merchants too of course. I welcome anything which expands upon the games trading possibilities.

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In current TEST live build there are new merchants in Floatsam (Pirate hub in the jungle) selling random tier Archer/Fighter/Alchemist thralls - 50 gold coins per thrall.

adding a merchant npc in the ai city that would buy everything you sell would be nice…or if you wanna be more spasific then a merchant that will buy only potions or an alchemist in alchemy shop that only buy potion ingredients

the merchant who would buy everything you sell should be named XXXX the Horder


I personay quite like the sound of that. It is actually a feature which I had long thought to myself would be a nice addition. At last I wont seem like the only slaver in my game. Now if we can just get those Bronze/Copper coins…

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