New Thralls / Merchants

Hello again, welcome to another suggestion thread by me :D. A thrall I would love to have is merchant thralls. I would love to have them sell beer, weapons, armor, and perhaps going a little overboard here mercenaries / other thralls. This way for those looking to build cities we can make them more alive. Allow merchants to have a lot of storage space so we can place items in them for them to sell and set a price for the specific listed item.

Thank you for coming and reading this thread, what do you guys think?


Your own slaves selling you items. I dont know sounds silly. But pippi thespians already give this option. Ofcourse you cant use them in official servers. There must be another way or play must own that trading station and sell only other people

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I don’t mean my slaves selling me items, I mean that i enslave a merchant, take it to my city, put them in a position, put say 20 stacks of meat, set the price to 1 silver per meat. Bam i now have a meat vendor for traveling players :smiley:


That would be a good start for role play only servers.

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It would be cool to have a merchant on the roads in from the desert for new players to my server even if they used a rock or branches to trade for some iron tools weapons and armor I have set up currently along each route to the river. Would be a great way to greet new people.

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All I picture is coming up to someone camp to find “scroll” for 9000 gold coins. -_-’

To much fallout76 for me… every player thinks there funny by having toilet paper at max caps for 30k posted. XD

Its interesting idea… I just rarely meet player who use it right. XD

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Never played Fall out 76. Played all the others
think I understand some one charging you a lot gold for junk. This is a fantasy for consoles won’t even happen anyhow.

Alot of private servers already have this using the pippi mod and social merchants, never seen it abused but private servers have active admins (or most do xD) so I think there would definately need to be some extra limitations in place for officials for that reason :slight_smile:

But would be pretty awesome for console and official players to be able to have the option also :slight_smile:

+1 this suggestion :smiley_cat:


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