Thrall Traders in Sepermeru?

Kinda baffles me or perhaps I might have missed, why there aren’t any thrall traders in Sepermeru? I mean, you have them in Floatsam even though it got some hostile pirates, how about thrall traders for Sepermeru? A neutral city in which haves and have-not matters are usually settled with money. I think even for every trading city Conan visited in his adventures, there bound to a few where even slave trading is legal.

Without thrall traders at Sepermeru, it doesn’t make sense to have Relic Hunters Slavetakers be spotted outside the vicinity of the city.

For furthermore to specify and implemented, thrall traders of Sepermeru should be able to sell every faction of thralls. Except, well of course the relic hunters. (It doesn’t make sense to betray your own faction, right? :sweat_smile:)

Workstation thralls of various factions as sold should have a unison price. While archers, fighters, entertainers and bearers will have different prices, in respective of their factions aligned.


I support that, it would’ve actually given a little more life to the city as well as usefulness. For one, it would be useful - it could be done with some kind of rotation of available thralls, and price could be high enough not to ruin the thrall capture mechanics of the game, but low enough to cull the effort of endlessly hunting that elusive purge thrall, giving it some ‘upper bound’ of effort spent; plus it would provide additional sink for gold (sure, alchemical base is one thing, but - in PvE at least - there comes a moment when all armor is crafted and there’s not a whole lot of additional sinks for it).

Plus, it would give the city a little bit of feel that it has something going in it. I’m sad to say that settlements in C:E don’t really feel alive as they do in many other games.

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Personally I think all the traders in Sepermeru should be expanded and enhanced. Given its the one friendly settlement it should be more a center of trade in the exiles lands. So making some of the merchants slave traders(thralls), animals tamers(pets), or merchants selling rare foods, resources, maybe weapons or armor would help give people a reason to visit the city for trade. Maybe when they take another look at the economy they could address the merchants as well because as it stands right now I don’t find much of a reason in interacting with most merchants. I might be alone in that regard though idk.


This Idea could also work for people who don’t like the thrall taking aspect of the game.

I recently started a new character on a new server with the intention of not taking thralls at all.
I just returned to the game after a break, I had left before the pet system was introduced.
so my thought was to only tame pets

I realized before level 10, building would be more of a grind without crafters to reduce production cost.

An alternative way to acquire thralls would be very welcome to players who feel as I do.
To me buying someone’s freedom is more appealing than bonking them on the head.

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I have thought for quite some time that it doesn’t make sense that the pirates have thrall to sell and Sepermeru doesn’t. Sepermeru is the only place I know of in the game where you will find a non-player owned Wheel of Pain. So thank you for creating this thread.

Although even if I could buy thralls in Sep City I would probably opt to knock them out myself. Only a t1 prisoner is not a very attractive option. They are however very easy to obtain.

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