More interaction and more life in cities

The city of Sepermeru (and maybe New Asgaard) should be able to be a place of interaction and exchange between players and be filled with shops and stalls :

  • add merchant with stalls where players can buy currents products (wood, stone, fish, meat, fiber, …)

  • add barter shops where players can exchange products (more interaction between players)

  • add a market to slaves or a mercenary camp where players could recruit rank 1 thralls

  • add quest givers. PVE quests and PVP quests. with a regular renewal of quests.

  • add merchants who sell new recipes for weapons, armor, outfits and items to place (cosmetic)

  • add pnj merchants that can be caught so that they can be used to sell certain products from the players who grabbed them.

  • and finally, add sound effects that give the impression of being in an ancient village



I understand why this is limited, but it would be cool to have more interaction with npc’s. If anything it would make the game more immersive.

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Could do with more merchants selling stuff like animal skins or maybe a merchants camp somewhere.

It does, a deep interaction and behavior of the npc’s changes everything. I hope we see this day in Conan.


Animal skins are pretty plentiful once you get a skinnng knife, if you need to find a certin type there is alot of support out there.

i will let you all get into my rper mind for a sec…

imagin the exile lands where one could travel to the friendly city (forgot the name of it) to “work” or use crafting stations that already seems to exist in few spots there (i would imagin maybe maybe do add more market looking type of area with npc that have shops for each crafting station suc has blacksmit, alchemist, herbalist and such… you could buy herbs or sell herbs to the herbalist and use his alchemy stations …same with other “shopkeepers” …even better… you could use the station only after you made a trade with the shopkeeper for whatever goods he deal with…) so many times i found myself wanting to take the jorney to the city to find work or maybe get the feel of the area and not be so alone in the desert …kind of “mingling” with whatever soceity there is in the exile land … anyway i think i getting carried away with my toughts here… but the end point is… make market stalls with npc with crafting station for whatevr “trade” that npc is suppose to do and you could use that crafting station after unlocking this option by making a trade with him… it would be perfect and intresting addition of gamestyle for loners who just wanna wonder or not being tied up to a base…it have so much rp potential i can gub about for hours and im not even on lotus powder… anyway…

may yamir’s blue cold balls protect you from the storm.

You forgot to add that they also “volunteered” to sacrifice for a God bubble or Token:)

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