Sepermeru City of Merchants, City of Slavers.....Could be better

Hello to the developers of Funcom,
Currently, I find that the city of Sepermeru is underutilized.
First it is a city where there can be merchants but the few merchants that are there have almost nothing to sell … in short it is quite uninteresting.
Why not integrate stalls and larger shops or it would be possible to buy or trade raw materials (the game’s coin would be more useful).
On the other hand, it seems rather incoherent to be able to come to catch npc in this city which then citizen watch us cross the city with our victim without any reaction of the inhabitants (except some). Why not add to the city a slave market where it would be possible to buy or trade slaves. It would still be possible to try to capture npc but in this case the reaction of the inhabitants would be more dangerous.
Finally, to add more life to this city, would it be possible to add sound effects that gives the impression of being on the market place of an ancient or medieval city (it should not be very difficult technically) .
Similarly, adding daily or random quests that would be given by merchants or other npc of the city would also make this city more alive.
The same things could be done for New Asagarth.
The potential of this game is enormous and I hope you will read me.

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