Revamp sep city

right now the city is useless, except for a few easter eggs and thrall farming, it is useless. even the lore is boring, add some detail to the city, add unique vendors/benches. try and make it feel like a city, you need to keep drawing the different players back to it.

add a small race track to it, simple circuit track, a few onlookers cheering on, and have it time player’s laps in a mini game, and have a simple leader board.

add an archery mini game or something too.

what you should really do is partition every server, half the partition is the exiles game, half is Siptah, and allow players to portal over to Siptah from sep city, and vice versa.

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Sepermeru is great for thrall farming! It’s already got merchants scattered around and also has the wine cellar dungeon, I reckon they’ll have plans for Serpermeru though when 3.0 drops though so I guess we’ll wait and see what they do.


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