Praise: Changes to Sepermaru

I wanted to say ‘thank you’ for the changes and improvements to Sepermaru city. It feels a little more alive with so many interactions going on and the marketplace expansion. Keep up the good work!

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What are the changes? Im on ps4

They added aggressive mobs spotted around town Prowlers bandit leaders ect and they are not fun even at lvl 60. The workstation thralls are haphazardly tossed around the area now some roam some at stations that don’t make sense. Have only seen 1 named and it was a preist. The merchants and jail are about the only setup that madeany sense to me they actually look like they belong where they are.
Change is good but…

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While i’m really pleased with some changes to Sepermeru, i’m less with some other spots they let now without care.

The prison part is nicely done, fun, and immersive, i think one of the best area now.

The thugs quarter brings some action, but i think they way to much, and theyr range should be reduced. I like the idea that if you step in the wrong place you may get some troubles, but if one spot you now, the whole city nearly runs after you.
More reduced places, between specific groups of houses make sens, but not full area like now.

Then for me the merchants, while i love the market idea here to. Merchandise is still overprised, and out of interest for me. Exchange would also be great. Merchants and market could be so much more i believe !

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For overtly hostile NPCs, Sepermaru has added four types:
T1 - Thugs (about 3000 health)
T2 - Prowlers (about 4500 health)
T3 - Plunderers (about 5250 health)
T4 - Bandit Leader (about 7425 health)

T1 - Prisoner (3000 health) can be found in the Slave Market at Sepermaru.

Health of the Bandit Leader is equal to what you find from T4 thralls in the Volcano. Lissa (Sepermaru archer) is the same value as Vais (Volcano archer) as far as health stats. They are both equal to Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers, too (Undead City). So when raising your army, any top level thrall from these places will give you the thralls you’ll need (no longer “shopping” in just one place).

Sepermaru also has changed spawn points to promote more thralls “conversing” with one another (gives it more of a living feeling). Some are sitting under shade, some are crouched from an elevation to talk to someone on the ground, but most in pairs talking (and emoting) with one another. The spawn points for where to find “that special thrall” have also been increased. To look for that special thrall, you may have to travel through the whole city to check all the new spawn points instead of checking only that ‘special’ location. So there’s more spawn points which gives more chances for named thralls.

Changes in Testlive have also shown up in the Volcano, Mounds of the Dead, and New Asgarth. There seems to be less thralls (maybe that’s temporary… I hope). Can’t find Berserkers around Mounds of the Dead anymore. New Asgarth seems to have lost their leader, priests, and the wolves they had (not spawning). The Volcano has better placed guards and some re-arranged thralls (and an increase in spawn locations). So hopefully those are a work in progress with more still to come.

Found a Nordheimer Beserker (4050 health) by the water of the Northern Aquaduct (the Breach area).

EDIT: Sepermaru does not seem to have very good alchemists or carpenters. Only low levels seem to spawn there (T3 maximum). No named Alchemists or Carpenters.

Also, a new named thrall “Lone Fisherman” (Cook) seems to spawn on the island in Sepermaru near one of the bandit spawns (where a group was dancing around a brazier in the old build) and near the back end of the tavern.


I have found beserkers and Snowhunters there.

Thrall on the island was hostile when i went there.

Yes, some seems acting like in conversation, especially around the prison, new market and new arranged spots.
Old spots are bit let alone, some looks deserted, and some braziers and such should be moved to better fitting places.

Volcano it depends, but this isn’t the scope of this topic here. Posted just a new volcano found. :wink:

I have a couple Fisherman cooks now. I agree with the Sep changes. Much more life like. I personally hope the NPC positioning changes again in the future. I’d even like to see NPC locations change on server restarts, so you never really know what NPC pattern you will have until you go look. It is fun to be surprised by a new T4 in a new location.

I’d like to add my personal favorite NPC to your excellent list:
T4 Bearers. 9000 health is amazing. I love that these guys are super robust and they should be, from carrying around all those heavy materials and supplies. I never used to use my bearers, because they were so weak and far too easy to lose in a random NPC encounter. Now I slap some heavy armor on them and they go everywhere with me, really helping on gathering runs, or just collecting NPC armor in battle.

Bearers for the win!

A heads up about those bearers they don’t do well in boss fight they just don’t have the hitting power or the armor even with heavy on they will get beat down a lot more than a 7k named

this one you mean, yes, not bad. :wink:

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oops. 9900 health. Yes, I use her a lot. Heath is another one I have.

Azzend, I do not find bosses doing much damage to my bearers. They hold up very well. I also get the same armor values when I swap the same armor from a bearer to a fighter.

As for damage, my bearers also do quite well and I personally can’t tell if fighters do more than bearers. I have not really tested for that. The bearers with a starmetal great sword will do a full combo and some random kicks. So I have no complaints on fighting skills so far. But I will test and compare to be sure.

They’re not fighters, but they will not dye as quick when you take them with you and give them your stuff.

At start, bearer was useless, remember, so yes, i prefer some so, not as fighters, but they do well the job i’m asking them.

Well you know I have to try it out just to see went against momma dragon barely got her killed and thrall had about 200hps after fight.

Yes sure, better try before standing in front of momma ! :wink:

For the famous volcano named thrall, i went out with her, she has orbs and daggers, but is useless as hell. She stands just around, draw the daggers, but that’s.

I think daggers to trigger actually some bugs and issues. Two cases, the backflippers and the passifists. The backflippers are speedy, and jump around but do very few damage in fact, and the passifists, i let you guess. :wink:

So i think, daggers should be looked at again for npc’s fighters.

They are mainly great to help carry stuff when farming (extra slots). Maybe meat shields for Defense on PVP. But at least now they have a job for us. Before, they were KOS when out thrall hunting.

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