Sepermeru Feedback

Hi Guys,

Wanted to share my experience because I am not sure I like the new Sepermeru:

  • Hundreds of NPCs, way too many. It is so crowded now. Adding new locations was a nice touch but adding 3 npcs per location is a bit too much for my taste.
  • Bandit Leaders can be enslaved. Nice one. They have the same HP as a Captain but have 1 handed weapons. Yet to test how they fight.
  • Missing the Bearer. Did anyone see the Bearer?
  • Missing the Captain. Did anyone see the Captain?
  • Too many NPCs using daggers. Having to fight so many and on top having 2-3 stacking bleeds. Not fun. What’s the deal with all the dancers?
  • Chests, interesting. Less small chests, more large chests. Quite a few gold coin chests. I like. Need to set a new route because most of them are now on the roofs :slight_smile:
  • Still no T4 Carpenter or T4 Alchemist? What was the point of adding so many T1-T3 then? I don’t get this part. Sepermeru is not a low level location, especially now that there are so many npcs and not all are friendly. If you are high enough to fight there, you are likely not looking for T1-T3 NPCs.
  • NPC Merchants still sell useless stuff which is too expensive for what it is. Gold/Silver is not easy to get in large quantities and it is mainly used to produce alchemical base or buy pets from the merchants.

EDIT: So many set priests. I haven’t found a T3-T4 priest yet but I will test in the next days. Having too many T3 priests means easy gods/bubbles. While private servers normally disable them both, there will be a lot on officials.

How do you guys feel about the update?

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More npc= more shards, ymir approves.


Whene’er we are commanded to storm the palisades,
Our Captains march with Crom’s blade, and we with gas grenades.
We throw them from the rooftops, about the enemies’ ears.
With a tow, row, row, row, row, row, the Conan Grenadiers.



For some reason this brought to my mind a thread from a few months back where someone complained about the chest size of named female dancers… I think they, too, thought that less small chests and more large chests would be interesting.

On a more serious note: dagger-armed enemies are annoying, not because of the bleed stacks, but because of their tendency to backflip over the hills and far away. Having to fight multiple enemies who don’t have the decency to stand still and die breaks my rhythm.

I need to grab one of those Bandit Leaders and test the one-handed weapon affinity. Preliminary tests with the Treasure Seekers from Unnamed City suggests they’re either incompetent or a little broken, but this requires more science before committing my report.

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The Captain is gone, the Bearer is gone. I’ve found back to back T4 set priest and and T3 after that. Be mindful fighting the bandits. Prowlers toss fire orbs. Now there are 4 Taskmaster spawns and theres a NPC just past the southern gate that’s “inspecting” a door which is a random spawn. It’s been a T4 cook and T4 smelter so far.

More science happened yesterday:

Test subject A: Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker #1, “Maria”.

  • She came out of the Wheel with a sword and a shield.

  • Gave her a better sword and shield. She doesn’t seem to use the shield at all, and does two-step combos with a one-handed sword. She manages a three-step combo only rarely, and if she has done a finisher blow, I haven’t seen it. Tried without a shield, same results.

  • Gave her a two-handed sword. She does full combos with it. Same with daggers and spears.

Test Subject B: Relic Hunter Treasure Seeker #2, “Gloria”.

  • Unfortunately I don’t remember what she was carrying when I first recruited her, it was before it mattered because all thralls were incompetent.
  • Gave her a one-handed sword. She does two-step combos like Maria, and sometimes manages to pull a three-step combo, but not often.
  • Gave her a two-handed sword. She refuses to fight with it. She approaches enemies in a threatening manner but does not attack. At all.
  • Gave her a bow. She shoots enemies quite happily. So even though all Relic Hunter Treasure Seekers seem to have a Fighter icon in their inventory model, some of them do use bows in their “free” state, and “Gloria” may be one of these. At least she makes a crappy melee fighter.

Test Subject C: Bandit Leader from Sepermeru, “Eskel”.

  • He came out of the Wheel with a sword and shield.
  • Gave him a better sword and shield. He does full combos with it and blocks with the shield.
  • Gave him a spear. He does full combos with it, too.

Preliminary results:
Treasure Seekers seem to have random preferences with their weapons. Bandit Leader seems to be competent even with two-handed weapons, even though he came with a sword and board.

Conclusion: Needs more data. Capturing more live test subjects and testing with various weapon types is required for more conclusive evidence.

Once again, my heartfelt thanks for the good (and bad and ugly) citizens of Sepermeru who surrendered their lives during these experiments.

On a related note, it seems the “good citizens” of Sepermeru fall through the ground mesh more often than before when they die. As in, almost always, rather than the “only sometimes” we were used to.


After reading that fantastic post, i have decided to do something with crime stats in Set City, as i have to many shields laying around. Gj, data approved.

if you make a new route for all the chest please share, im so lost now the locations have changed

I am having 0 luck finding any tier 4 thrall other than the baker. I started over so things are looking dire in the thrall category for me.

I have managed a cook and before the Sep changes I was happy to have grabbed some captains as well as a named tier 4 Bearer (Something the Well Traveled) who is basically a walking masacre machine with a truncheon equipped.

Sep really only seems good for archers and fighters at the moment with the alchemists all being tier 2 or 3. The Bearer and Captain are gone. I don’t need an army of priests.

But the gross part is Zoara of the Marhes. She’s not to be found anywhere and she makes my favorite armor in the game.

If my friends did not move to this server I would go back to my old one. Because now. Starting over means not being able to get who you want.

Even on the old server you needed to grind. But now its nesr impossible to find Graham the Worn or Zoara. Even the Smelters are gone.

Overall I do like the population boost. Its good for Sep.

But you have tsken the only reasons to go there and removed them.

The merchants sell things no one in their right mind would buy. Not for those prices.

0 reason to increase the NPC count and revamp merchants of city if no one goes there.

I saw a bunch of armorers and a bunch of smelters (for sure not less spawns than before). Armorers have always been a random spawn 1 out of 6 so don’t think much have changed in this regards.

I have killed everything over and over to get new spawns. Did single player and did a 2 hour period and not a single tier 4

I’ve had a slightly different experience on multiplayer. I’m not sure if it’s like playing the casino late on the weekday, waiting for a chap to fall asleep at the video poker machine, but every time I follow a clan through Set City who basically nuked the place, if I hang back for the respawn (and grab kittens) I have 3/5 times found a T4.

Further science was conducted today.

Test Subject D: Bandit Leader from Sepermeru, “Jill”.

  • She came out of the wheel with a sword, no shield.
  • At first she seemed a bit picky with the weapons she would use; she was happy with a one-handed sword, a two-handed sword and a spear, but wouldn’t attack with daggers or a warhammer. So I went back to Test Subject C (“Eskel”) and tested him.

Test Subject C Redux:

  • Gave him a mace. He was happy with it and did combos.
  • Gave him an axe. Went full murder-hobo with it.
  • Gave him daggers. He likes to do backflips like everyone else, but does combos and eventually kills people.
  • Gave him a two-handed sword. He was equally happy with it.
  • Gave him a hammer. He nailed it.

Encouraged by these results with Eskel, I got back to Jill and tested her with various weapons, including a hammer and a pair of daggers, as well as a truncheon, and curiously, this time around she seemed competent with all of them. No idea why she wouldn’t fight with the daggers or a hammer on my first test run. Maybe she’s shy?

Conclusion: Bandit leaders seem to be able to use all weapons effectively, but they are occasionally a bit unreliable with some of them. A tough, flexible, versatile fighter, the naughty version of the Sepermeru Captain seems like the new go-to combat thrall.


most of the chests, if not all, are on the roofs. here is what i came up with, might be some that i have missed:

EDIT: 2 underwater chests near the old bearer location (now bandits).


There are at least two underwater chests…

Daya Leaddrinker does spawn. But not anywhere where she usually is. She likes to wonder.

I found her in the grass by the south gate.

Yes. They are marked and near the bandits close to the old bearer location.

I see only chest markings on land on your map :wink:

Open your map. Go to the location and check what you see :slight_smile:

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