Sepermeru Update Feedback. High effort, least rewarding, vacant area

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [Misc]
Server type: [ PvP]
Region: [North America]

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Feedback on the new version of Sepermeru:

It just doesn’t work. The XP is low for the level of difficulty. The rewards are virtually non-existent. You can spawn NPC crafter thralls all day and never find a named one. Odds are one named thrall per 50 to 60 spawns, so effectively a waste of time to go to Sepermeru now. And I must say the looks of the named crafter thralls that do spawn is terrible now. What happened to the indigo light armor they used to wear?

And you don’t have to just take my word for these negative gameplay imbalances, check your own stat tracking. No one goes to Sepermeru anymore. I can go in, check the thralls for named or tier 3 crafters, comes back 15 hours later and find the same thralls in all the spawn groups! You never see anyone in Sepermeru now. It is just a overly difficult, low reward zone now and players know to avoid it. This is on some very busy servers too with 30-60 player residents. High difficulty of combat is great, but where are the rewards for for the higher effort?

Anyway, just my Feedback for you. Thanks.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. go to Sepermeru at level 40-55.
  2. Fight NPCs for many hours.
  3. Check XP and rewards for efforts.
  4. ditto.
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Started some tests on Seper yesterday.

And yes, crafter-thralls seems spar so far, but like said, just started with a new char this tests. And this on singleplayer.

Consider also that players go there for different reason.
For you this seems be XP before all.

My char was about lvl 20 when going there, so believe me, more XP gain also while fighting. Then at this lvl, there still good mats to gather in a very early way. Also you may love the place or not, that’s up to you.
For me the game is also more of an adventure, and not all about fight and XP’s, this just beeing said. :wink: There also lot people loving role-play, and so on.

But back to the thralls, while hight and named crafters seems rare, fighters and archers are bit everywhere over the place. They have become much more stronger mostly.
Tested some archers in the north in an other game, they hit hard now, and one-shoot all nearly coming npc’s without issue.
And here we come to “The Captain” now in Seper, one of the highest fighters now in game. This seems one of the other reason people come to Seper right now.
How hard have you to fight to get him, my tests will tell me with my lvl 20 char. :wink:

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On PvP you are playing against the other players for leveling, resources, and thralls. Like I was raided last week and they took all my thralls, so I start from zero. Sepermeru was good for fixing this, but no longer.

The new thralls are very good in combat unless they are defending your base when for some reason they lag out and just stand there. I tried New Asagarath, but at level 55 flawless medium armor it’s like you are unarmored if you don’t dodge all the attacks. 3 hits from a spear and your dead. So I guess it’s for level 60s now when in the past 45-50 was fine and good leveling. Or set your bed outside would work I suppose. Is that RP?

As for fighters, most players gauge them by HP’s. I gauge them by how tough they are to handle in combat. Basically how fast they hit. If the new named Tanners could fight, that’s all I would have, lol.

Hey there,

Our team is working on ways of making all zones more enticing to explore again. And that’s as much as we can say at the moment :slight_smile:
Thanks for your feedback.


Set city is perfect as it is atm, only needs loot equal to the other high lev npc citys. As for t4 spawns, yes they do, you just unluckey thats all. It was so nice to se all those low tiers get spanked and move to biomes where they should be in the first place. This patch has been epic, if i were to marry a patch, it would be this one.

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The loot lying around Sepermeru needs to be toned doen from what we can get from e.g. Mounds of the Dead, because Sepermeru isn’t hostile. It would quickly unbalance the game if there were epic armor or hardened steel or better weapons, or top tier crafting materials, just sitting in chests for no risk.

Named thralls have a default chance of ~2 % to spawn, so one per 50 sounds about right. I do agree that they looked better before the patch.

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Just give us more of what UC has now. Being a PVP’er mostly on this game, my clan has found it incredibly fun to “farm”. Like we are actually playing a game, but at the same time prepping for some raiding. Awesome job. So if that is the secret direction you coyly in-bedded in the “Enticing to explore again” response, then full speed ahead!!!

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