Sepermeru city - change and thoughts

I know that after the last patch, the new dlc and all that, most have lot to do, and are mostly running east to the new jungle underwater dungeon.

Still, Sepermeru has also some important changes.
I think many have or had a bases near this city. If not on testlive, so on the regular build.
I visited Sepermeru now several time, having my base not far. Not sure what i should think about the changes done here right now.

While i wished some changes, some life more, the full quarter now inhabited by the prowlers and thugs feels a bit overdone right now to me.
Some action if fine, but also there lot, and very agressive. Once more, while wandering around, you need be careful, one step to far, and they will come over you.

The merchants, they still around of course, but still need some attention more. The prices are still overdone, and i doubt that players will buy from them.

Decoration, braziers and more. There different decoration, braziers, and other around. People was standing around them, then moved, and they should be moved to, and new sceneries recreated there. It looks bit odd, and just put there so.

Emote near prison. There was a book near a tent with a ghost learning us an emote, couldn’t spot it again after the changes.

Hope other will give the feeling they had by visiting Sepermeru again. :blush:


Yes I have base next to Sep usually one of the first if I can get a water spot. Some of Sep looks good placements of merchants even though they are costly seem appropriate but a lot of the other npcs seem haphazard thrown around. The Thugs/Bandits are a bit much getting swarmed by them even at 60 is a trying experience. I do miss the trio at the anvil they should at least had a blacksmith there if nothing else.
Two blacksmiths one at armor bench and one at table seem out of place the2 near the priest. The priest are a nice touch even got a named from there which had never seen before. Some of it was done well some seemed just thrown in spots that made no sense.


The bandit boss is on par with the Captain, so one of the absolute top end fighter thralls.

One is better of capturing then killing him in my opinion.

I also lived close to Sep city specifically to experience the changes and for the new silver mine of course. While I also like most of the additions made, there are some that I think should be tweaked or changed.

  • The Bandits & Thugs: Cool addition, I like the idea that some areas are “dodgy” in the city but all hell breaks loose as soon as one spots you from quite a long distance. I feel like they should be more hidden? And their agro range should be lessened.

  • The lonely anvil, I would like to see some Armorers & Blacksmiths spawn there again.

  • The Prison guards. Is it intentional that they block the entrances on the gate side? I find it a bit troublesome.

  • Random hostility still occurs even if you manage to avoid most thugs the general guard or priest might still have something against you? I think this might be a bug.


Yes, can only agree for the thugs, and prowlers, they’re maybe a bit to much, and like said, theyr range is far to wide, and they seems just waiting on you.

I didn’t have trouble with the prison guards, or other npc’s in the city. No fighting priest or such, but i think they may be all triggered by the bandits if you get catch in a fight.

Of course the new silver mine is cool. But that’s a different place for me, and nearly worth an other post or tread. But definively like it lot. :wink:


For a long time there’s been a bug with NPC aggro. If they aggro anything else (another player, a wandering scorpion), they will remain aggressive to all players until they die. This continues even if they kill their original aggro target.

Combining this with social aggro, this means if one guy in Sep aggrod a scorpion two hours ago when another player was in render distance, you can get mobbed by a whole bunch of usually friendly npcs right when you step in the door.

The fun thing is, that this is acting totoally differently on server and in singleplayer.
On servers, that’s a fact that i observed often, like you stated.
On singleplayer, go out of render-distance, come back, they’re well again.

But yes, sometimes this agressive state can be a problem, especially when the area is highty populated, and you end with a full city running after you.

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