Not happy with Sepermeru

I was watching a youtube video of the revamped Sepermeru, and was a bit surprised at some of the changes.

1: The big campfire that had a ton of people around it (a backpacker, etc., right by one of the exits to the desert) - its still there… but no people.

2: Near the entrance where conan hangs out, I believe to the left, is an anvil with no blacksmith.

  • Point: Simply this:
    If there are items, (ie, campfires, etc.) make it feel more lively by adding people there - not taking them away! :wink:

And please… I beg you, don’t just delete items - put those guys and gals back - please! :slight_smile:

3: Bandits, I dunno, I was happy when Sepermeru went friendly, but I suppose its cool - if you bring back the others mentioned, as it feels emptier on the walk through then what it currently does.

My place is busy, this youtuber went through and mainly bandits. :frowning:

note: All the guy dancers by Conan, is there a way to balance that a bit with some female dancers?
Oh, and now there are two guards right outside for when I try to tame the thralls inside - (oh well… at least Conan doesn’t mind me taking a thrall - don’t go and change that! Unless I can tame Conan! lol!)

It would be cool if you could go in and out all the doors - until then, the ones that are cracked, it would be cool to be able to go in those buildings.

4: Missing people around Conan… used to be a merchant and a server… it was missing in his video, and often missing in my loads - which feels like a glitch (outside of testlive)


There’s only one “cracked” ie ajar door I’m aware of in Sep, and you absolutely can go in it if you know where to get the key.


Yes, there is one door that is leaned or half opened, call it what you want.
It’s story related and you need an item to get in.


I propose you to experiment Seper yourself, Y-T videos while fine, are still just showing a part of, and depends lot of the eye of the beholder. :wink:

Still, i agree with some points you stated completely.
Some thralls have only be (re)moved, and nothing is replacing them, like the dancers around the braziers, the blacksmith and others around the first anwil while entering one side near the Conan’s Taverne.

Bandits, thughs are fine, but there are bit to much, in a to large area for my taste. Fitting and challenges are fine, but we fight already all over the map, so for many Sepermeru was a welcome friendly haven in exchange.
This changed for a good part now with this patch.

But i have also to mention that some new arranged areas are very nice and immersive.
I want spoil you here @Dhaylen, so i don’t go into details. Also i don’t know what you have seen in the video and what not.
Still some parts are very nice, and i think they fit well in this city.

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I agree some things are nice but a anvil without at least a blacksmith sees out of place
and I haven’t farmed it enough to find if they wrecked the named spawns in the area or not.

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The named spawns are spread out in several more places. You can’t just go to one part of the city. Now the named spawns can show up in several places (even just walking around in a rare case). So far, I have found every previous named spawn in Sepermeru at one point or another. So its all still there.

EDIT: The only exception to the above is the Captain. I still have not found the new location of the Captain who used to patrol the Temple Quarter.

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Let’s say, spawn also changed, i didn’t spott any captain yes myself.

Lot of bandits, yes, for sure.
Make your experiences, more inputs and feedbacks are still better than spoilers. :slight_smile:


This is good to know will have to hunt again

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For me it looks still unfinished in a way. Empty places in some parts, and the others bit overdone.

Some are very nicely done, and i wish to see more of these.
I think we all agree that we wish more life in Sepermeru. But life shouldn’t not only mean fight.
For me the bandits are a nice touch, but overdone, like often at first trial.

Love the prison ideas, and market. More this, less that would be purrrfect ! :wink:


Fully agree

Does it still have five Set priest spawns? (Setocalypse anyone?)

Yes, priests are still in Sepermeru.
Most npc’s are, they was moved around for most.

The point is that any potential priest spawn has the chance to be an archpriest.

That means the chance to get one in Sepermeru will be absurdly high.

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Didn’t run after archpriest there i must admit.

Anyway, like said in previous posts i did, while i like some changes around the prison, market and so. Some areas look empty, and others are unbalanced.

Like still spawnrate seems also very low for some thralls again.
Challenges are nice, but only focused all on fights, and heavy grind, isn’t the best choice at my opinion, at least not for Sepermeru.
Did you take a look at the dev-kit to see if they should spawn at all, and at what % if ever?


I explored the city a bit when it was released to Testlive.

Of the five priests I have seen three archpriests, all on different spawn spots, so I doubt of the five spawns the other two will be any different.

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oh, i’m sure, some fine-tuning will be needed here to. :wink:

Since it is life now, I can confirm most things. Some places are too empty now (bartender f.i.) and bandits are too demanding for smaller chars (me). The idea is nice, but until now you had your peace when you was not catching thralls. Now it is too dangerous for smaller chars to visit Sepermeru.

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