All is not right with Sepermeru

I just ran through Sepermeru and killed (farmed) everybody. No NPC tried to stop me. Instead of giving all these NPCs titles like fighter or archer they should all be named target dummy. I understand that Sepermeru is a neutral city, but if a player kills someone in the city they should be outlawed and KOS by anyone in the city for duration of time (one hour–two hours–more). I have been playing MMO’s for many years but never one… not one… where I could just walk through a city killing NPCs with no repercussions. This is bugged.


You will love Sepermeru next update.


Only if you get caught killing them, whats a few guards…

Only 911 here is yelling help. As far as sound travels, maybe a bell.

Some of the original stories are set in urban or semi-urban towns, and generally speaking people go out of their way to look the other way whenever there’s fighting. Unless they have personal interest in the fight, they really have no incentive to risk their own hide. I don’t get the feeling that Sepermeru is all that civilized, it’s still the Exiled Lands just with a (very) thin veneer of law and order on top.

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Mikey nailed it. In Howard’s stories he describes cities (such as the infamous Zamora) where a girl can scream for help in the middle of a street, and unless Conan happens to be around, she’s probably doomed. People are generally more likely to avoid trouble than go looking for it. They’ll risk their lives to defend themselves or maybe their good buddies (the people in immediate vicinity in the city), but “what happens next door ain’t my business”.

Unfortunately that’s how people behave in real life too.

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Vague story spoiler (for the game):

Perhaps attacking any of the female inhabitants should have Conan race out of his tavern and thump you.


I think you mean Shadizar, capital of Zamora. ^^

I don’t doubt for a minute the ruthlessness of the Conan world cities. Nor do I doubt the pervasive attitude that “if it doesn’t involve me I don’t care” attitude of wandering NPCs. My problem is not with the lore…but with how stupid easy it has become.

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@Mikey people may go out of their way not to intervene in a fight (unless they are city guards), but they are also unlikely to stand around idly while a psychopath runs around killing everyone. If they don’t feel like fighting, they should at least be actively running away.

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Yeah that’s a fair point, I guess all of this really comes down to the AI’s capabilities (or lack thereof).

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