NPC Friend/Foe logic broken in Sepermeru

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Here’s a very strange set of related problems I’m running into since latest patch:

  1. Various random NPCs in Sepermeru are automatically hostile to me, or occasionally randomly become so even when not initially so. I’m not talking about the bandits, I’m talking the normally friendly NPCs like performers, blacksmiths, guards, etc. For example I entered the building with Conan in it, start talking to Conan, and while doing so the NPCs inside suddenly turned hostile and started attacking. In some other caes certain townsfolk are hostile on sight, running to attack with no provocation. Even as other townsfolk standing right next to them remain calm.
  2. If a hostile NPC attacks me, my Follower often responds by running off and attacking nearby friendly townsfolk, ignoring the hostiles I’m actually under attack from. Said townsfolk cease to be friendly (can’t blame 'em for that).
  3. The logic with bandits and townspeople is equally broken. I can be standing next to some (friendly) guards, then some bandits will run up and initiate combat, and the friendly guards will suddenly turn hostile and go after me instead of the bandits.

This problem is bad enough that I find I cannot really explore or do anything in Sepermeru.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Visit Sepermeru

Yep, feels like their faction rules are confused or something, it’s this way on PC too.

When I first started last June, Sepemeru people would attack you in mobs if you touched a chest in an area that was nowhere near them. You’d be “Oh meh, nothing interesting in here.” Down the street, 3 minutes later… entire party just turn and mob you. Seems like they are getting back to that random fun. My last visit there I knocked out one of the Prowlers and thralled him. But in its wake I had to kill no less than 25 other mobs because of it. …AND they kept attacking me in that spot every time I returned for the rest of the day. Just tryign to see if I can find a Captain again, sheesh.

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