Bad NPC bugs in Sepermeru (and globally)

Game mode: [Online official]
Type of issue: [ Bug ]
Server type: [ PvE ]
Region: [ EU ]
Hardware: [ PS4 PRO ]

Bug Description:

  1. In Sepermeru, when a prowler or robber attacks you, if you attack them back, normal friendly NPCs will all join in and attack you (which makes no sense)

  2. Human NPCs can be completely invisible when chasing and attacking you, they also make the Rocknose growl sound effect…

Expected Behavior:

I expected friendly NPCs to not join in with the murderers and robbers, or be invisible. If replicating the bug, the friendly NPCs turning hostile happens always, invisible NPCs half the time.

Steps to Reproduce:

I just had a prowler/robber NPC (some were Set followers) chase and attack. When I hit them back, near proximity friendly NPCs (be it stygian guards and archers, or random blacksmiths etc) all become hostile as well and attack you, when defending yourself.

Invisible NPCs happens anywhere at random, about 50% chance. Approach them or a group that are hostile and they may be invisible, especially larger groups. They’ll also make Rocknose sounds

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Hi. That’s how it is, those NPCs are “neutral” not “friendly”.

They won’t help the player when attacked, but, they hate it when the player attacks anyone near them.

The invisible NPC is a bug.

Is there a lore reason as to why the city guards and random people decide to help bandits mug travelers who are sometimes there to make purchases from the merchants?

I get everyone going agro when you are the aggressor, but honestly getting mugged by guards simply because you got attacked by bandits shatters my suspension of disbelief every time I go to the city and screams weird video game design

You’d think the guards wouldn’t support the criminals for no apparent reason. It’s easy enough to deal with but it encourages players to use cheesy exploits simply not to get overwhelmed by sheer numbers

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It’s only if you fight back, if you run away the guards ignore the outsider.

They probably don’t see them as criminals, not until they actually commit a crime, there is a prison there after all.

At least I know their weakness, climb a roof that’s eight feet off the ground and crouch for a few seconds and they all space out and wonder off

I think they all have that memento syndrome, must be something in the water

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