Sepermaru Hate List bug?

Anyone on singleplayer experienced the Set City random unwarranted aggression bug lately? Because I haven’t, and I think they fixed it.


No, the only mod I’ve ever used was the Offline mod and I quit using it around the time I made an account and started posting to the forums.

The only reports I have seen lately were from people using mods.

It was pretty rare, and I never could find a pattern to isolate a cause. Some people thought I must have KO’d people and forgotten about it, but some of the times it happened was when my characters had just discovered Sepermaru and had done nothing apart from looting some of the chests to try get some early steel and try to find a metal pick to make life easier. I know there was a mod that added a new class of people that defaulted to hostile (can’t remember the name of it), but that wasn’t the case for me.

I always thought it’s a feature, not bug.

It is not fixed the bearer at the back door is always aggo as soon as you walk in, every single time.

I know about the bearer. For me it was usually (not always) one of the Set priests who turned hostile.

On the live PC game I had the random worker NPC that spawns just left of the entrance, North of the prison/wheel of pain, agro on me every time. This was about a month ago. I do not have any mods installed.

All bearers are agro as soon as you get into their detection range.
The only way we have found that others agro is when anyone bonks them down and leaves them. Ive seem then stay argo until after daily roll over.

What’s probably happening is like others said, its a bear or some other crafter that hasn’t been set to the same community as the sepermeru fighters/archers/priests. Or there might have been one or two of those that haven’t been set.

Its probably pretty easy to verify this in the devkit.

I doubt I’ll ever go to that length to investigate something this minor, but it’s good to keep in mind. Besides which, it hasn’t happened to me lately. Devs might have already fixed it.

Players can take responsibility and spear the ones they do not want.

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Yeah, but that’s warranted aggression, and also kinda why I mentioned singleplayer in the OP because it’s nearly impossible to control that variable on a server.

I made a new bug report yesterday showing duplicated spawns in Set City and this popped into mind. I can’t help wondering if this was always happening and I’ve only just now realized it and saw its true cause. I can’t say for sure. I can only speculate.

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