Mitra vs Set, Conan lore, and the Sepermaru aggression bug

I’m not one for the lore of things, so feel free to add any relevant details. I remember reading a comment from one of the users here very recently that mentioned the Mitra and Set religions being opposed to one another somehow in Conan lore. I have sometimes, but not often, experienced the Set City bug where you are attacked unprovoked, not by the bearer thrall, but by the regular people in the city. It happened so infrequently that I couldn’t see a pattern. I think it finally clicked. The aggressors were not random, but more often than not were Set priests. The characters I played who got attacked started the game with the Mitra religion. A lot of this is based on my sketchy memory and isn’t 100% reliable as proof. Does the Conan lore fit into this? Are my observations accurate? Is the Sepermaru aggression a result of following Mitra while strolling through a city devoted to Set? Is this a bug in the “hate list”, or is this working as intended? Anyone else care to speculate?

I like the idea and I wish it was true, but my first-hand evidence doesn’t support it. I’ve played with different starting religions and it doesn’t affect Sepermeru.

From what I’ve seen, aggression from normally neutral Sepermeru NPCs has been caused by one of the following two causes:

  • A buggy release made neutral NPCs aggressive.
  • Someone went into Sepermeru before me, fought the normally neutral NPCs and went away without killing them, so now they’re aggroing me.

Again, this is just my personal experience so far, maybe others have experienced other things.

It would be awesome if there was more religion-based PVE conflict, but I’m not holding my breath :wink:

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Being a soloplayer who frequently discards his character gives me a unique viewpoint on this. While it has happened as a result of aggro without finishing the job, as it were, most often it happens on my first visit to Sep when I’ve done nothing except loot the chests and mine some rocks.

Or for that matter, a lack of conflict based on religion. I was a bit disappointed the first time I went to Mitra’s Serenity while having chosen Mitra, or the Ymir altar by the ward towers while following Ymir, only to have them be hostile just like everywhere else. It would make sense that those specific areas welcome you if you are a devotee.

I’ve recently noticed set priests in sepermaru fighting scorpions that had wandered into the city, maybe that is causing unwarranted hostility?
On the religious side of things, a couple of weeks ago I was hit by a purge of Mitra zealots during which I knocked out a few priests. The thing that confused me is the one T4 priest I knocked out during the purge appears to be a Yog priest and can’t be used on my Mitra temple. There is definitely room for improvement on the religion aspect of CE (still my most played game in recent years).

Very possible in server games, but doubtful in my soloplayer games. I keep the scorpions trimmed down out of habit from when a wandering scorpion attacking the NPC’s used to cause the NPC’s to aggro on you after they finished the scorpion. Just before posting this thread it was the Set Priest at West Wall who aggro’d and there are no hostiles of any form on that side of the city.

Something that would be a cool feature, but alas it is RNG. I have ran half way thru the city and no issues, no thrall with me, and the next thing I know I am surrounded by thralls (non prowlers) hacking away at me.

I might be able to shed some insight here.

Even before the last patch, I noticed something. Nonagressive NPCs who were attacked by hostile animals would then be aggressive towards me. Even if I did no damage.

Another thing I’ve noticed is if I attacked someone in Sepermeru before the change. They would, and anyone they caused to agro with them, attack me whenever I came back.

The latest change seemed to increase the ‘call’ radius of NPCs. And what might be happening is you might be in the area when someone is attacked by an animal somewhere in town and the call echos from one group to another.

The reason they don’t all come at you en mass is due to the leashing and the mechanic that keeps them from engaging targets way outside their engagement zone. However I believe you STILL get on their hate list.

For this reason it explains why sometimes you walk in nothing happens, and then next time everything seems to be angry for whatever reason.

What Funcom should maybe consider doing here is wiping the hate list whenever NPCs go into an inactive state. What this means is they aren’t loaded in the game and thus any timers or whatever on them are paused until they are active again when a player is withing about a gridsquare. Though this will get wonky results on Singleplayer.

To put this shortly, the game doesn’t keep everything active in order to save on resources, and it causes unpredictable odd behaviors when stuff loads in fighting (having the same state as when you left… up to days ago even), when you would expect it not to.

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I think, even Lore wise… there in Exile Lands, So some of your personal hates and likes get tossed out window so you can survive.

Putting aside difference for common goal is fairly normal thing, even if lore breaking.
There staying 100% Lore, and not letting Humanity do its thing…which is weird. XD

At same time… Who ever in charge couldve beat them both senseless, told them to get along down stairs or walk the plank. XD

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I’m on single player too but one cause is that the bandits aggro you and the set city will attack as well they somewhat on the same side and they all defend each other which is unintentional and will be fixed they did a few hate list fixes on test live but I on Xbox so can’t test everything :joy:

Come from a pretty mixed family of Catholics (the gay hating kind) from one side of family.

And mix of Christian/Shinto on my other side. Theres a few who butt heads and can’t stand one another… but there several in family, (most of grand-parents) who step in and smack heads till they get along. XD

Sister in-law found out I was into the ladies, and basically cut ties with me, and stop me from seeing my niece/nephew for a few years till, Grandpa had some choice words with her before he passed about week later. (along lines of he’ll come haunt her, if she didnt get her **** straight lol)

pretty sure hanging from a cage in Sun for a few days will fix anyone in exile lands. XD

Or maybe there trading good recipes down there? Rock-Paper-Scissors on who gets to convert who. XD

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I feel as though I get attacked in Sepermeru if I have high corruption. Could be wrong though. Related to this, at one point during early access I’m sure I could walk through a hostile NPC camp without being attacked if I was naked, weapon sheathed, and wearing the warpaint of that faction…

I noticed in general, if you argo bandits, any of the neutrals, will jump in on fight.

There a group of them all chatting on one spot, and a one of bandits was walking back after resetting. Once he re-argo’d, they all argo’d.

They use to not care you were killing thugs… now they do.

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