Sepermeru hostile?

Hey was wondering if anyone could point me to the patch notes that said when Sepermeru was going to be made hostile I walked in there a while back and talked to Conan did not have a problem no one in the city attacked me I walked in there today and wham everything tried to attack me except the merchants what gives?

There was a big thread about this last week, it appears to be caused by some mods.

Partly true. If I remember correctly, in that thread it was mentioned that new character classes created by mods would default to an always hostile AI, but @Ignasi has also mentioned it being an issue with the “hate list” unrelated to mods. I believe the latter is why the bearer in Sepermaru is hostile to the player.

By chance did you have a recently placed thrall with you? By recently, I mean since the newest update. For whatever reason, since the update it seems they run the risk of starting out with an “attack everything” stance. Access the behavior options from the radial menu and either select Guard Me or Attack Nothing. It’s worked for me so far to prevent that situation (when I remember to change it).

The Patch Archive is in a sticky thread.

no I did not have any thralls with me and today i even went to Conan and the dancers attacked me I did not even have any weapons out.

if you are not using mods and there were no players in sepermeru before you went there, the only hostile NPCs should be the bearer and the bandits who can aggro the npcs around them when they spot you. If this is not the case, then provide more details.

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Sounds like a proper bug to me. It shouldn’t be doing that. It doesn’t on my game.

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