Sepemeru bearer hostile

Game mode: Single player
Type of issue: Bearer bug
Server type: PVE
Region: Canada

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Each and every time you enter Set city over by the bandit area the one bearer that stands inside the door of that area will aggro and attack right as soon as it detects the player char. Also with the new issues with how thrall’s aggro every single bandit on that side will aggro at the same time which will aggro the normal every day thralls of Sepemeru. Also when you run down the side where Razma of Shem’s house is some of the crafters will aggo for no reason and chase you though the city.

Please provide a step-by-step process of how the bug can be reproduced. The more details you provide us with the easier it will be for us to find and fix the bug:

  1. Go to Set city
  2. Bearer will see you as you enter gate
  3. bearer will aggro and start to chase you
  4. other wild thralls will aggro also

Just walked in door of city and he came out of no where and attacked.


Another post somewhere said they changed the Bearer AI to always be hostile. I haven’t tested to see if that also applies to bearers that are converted thralls.

I think they put the bearer on the same faction/aggression list as the bandits since that is where he is going to. Is that design or oversight i do not know.
Is there someone who can see that in the dev kit files?

I play on PS4 platform, the bearer will agro the same way, however, I have found that if you exit entrance with weapons/shield stowed, only the bearer will be hostile. Easy enough to kill fot mats.

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Also to add to this bug is that the bearers attack with the axe not only do damage to its allies but also applies bleed when the group is attacking you it seems to hurt every single thing and I’m on Xbox and this to is happening

Hey there,

We’re aware of some hate list issues with world NPCs and our team is looking into them.
Apologies for the frustration.

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I am having problems on a private server that my husband and I have with all of Sepemeru going hostile in single player and on the server. Is that part of this problem? Thanks.

I just walked trough the town and had no problems with agro. However when i have attacked something and i do not kill everyone in a circle around it the next time i visit the town those npc will agro on me and all the (respawned) npc that are close to them will assist them in being angry at me.
Another option that could lead to a lot of NPC mad at you is if you ran trough the city with an angry NPC following you. At a certain moment you ran out of reach but all the NPC that you ran the angry NPC past will have joined them in being angry at you.
Kill them all! And see if the respawn will be nice to you i would say.

This has happened to me when i first walk up to the city and i am by myself. This is happening in single player and on my personal server. The only people that were there on the server were my character and my husband’s character and they attacked him and he hadn’t been in the city yet either.

There is one group (and the lone cook on the island) in the city that is agro on everyone. Those are the bandits and the bearer who i suspect is on the bandit side. The bandits are in 3 different spots, 2 of them reasonably near gates. But the gate guards themselves should not be agro on you after they are reset of any possible residual agro from a previous encounter.
Good test is to enter from the NE side where you come from the pylon. There should only be guards and crafters close.

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