Combat Test Live US3 PVE and Single player Sepermeru Everyone attacks me

They are no longer neutral

Confirmed in single-player, with and without follower.

All Sepermeru NPCs, including normally passive shalebacks, are now hostile. The only exceptions are the vendors and interaction is possible.

I also tested Braga in the Mounds, the Mountaineer at Fingerfang and Petruso at Sandswept ruins. Non-hostile and interactive.

Having tested a small sample, it would seem all NPCs with a StatTemplate of Dialogue NPC Base are non-hostile and interactive.

The opposite is not true. Deer, for instance, are not hostile, but normally passive (until agroed) NPCs are now aggressive.

The presence of a thrall had no effect on the results.

Again, thanks for game !




Official Pve Conflict EU 2

And unconscious’s thrall running around

Hi @xuqingxin, thank you for reporting this, we’ll register the issue for the developers.

@Jim1 We appreciate the thorough feedback on the issue!

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