Sepermeru NPC Spawns are hyper-imbalanced (or may be buggy)

Hello Community.

I spent the day testing all NPC spawns in Sepermeru after the update.

Those are my results:

  • 4 Spawn points for both T4 Blacksmiths (Nice!, up from 2)
  • 5 Spawns for Set Priests, 4 of which can be an Arch Priest max, 1 can be Named but also drops a legendary (was 0, and 1 spot for possible Arch Priests)
  • 0 Spawn points for T4 Smelter (what?, was 2 before) Daya Leaddrinker
  • 1 Spawn point for T4 Armorer (which is insanely horrible, 6 different crafters but 1 spot with super low % rates, so as bad as The Black Galleon) - so the Armorer everyone is most likely to get is just outside the city with Tarris Leatherbinder on 2 spots just for him
  • 0 Spawn points for Captain (was 1x100% before) but 3 (chance %) new for T4 Bandit Leader
  • massive amounts of possible Spawn points for both T4 Archers (before: 1 super rare for both)
  • 12+ Spawns for T4 Tanner, T4 Dancers, T4 Cooks
  • 1 New Cook, which shares spawn with Cook I-IV
  • 3 Spawns for Taskmasters (up from 1, yay), or 7+ up from 5+ if you count the Slavetaker camps
  • A gazillion spawns for Carpenters I-III and Alchemist I-III, but the faction does not have a T4 Carpenter or Alchemist outside of purges.

My suggestions:

Add atleast 2 more Armorer spots, MINIMUM. It’s really horrible to farm 6 different NPCs out of one spot, especially since 2 of them are useless (Diana and Than have no recipes outside of the RH armor every other RH Armorer can also make) and another can be replaced with Tarris Leatherbinder, who has 2 spots for himself. And also remove Diana Steelshaper and Than Hammerblow from the rotation until they have interesting recipes, maybe even Silas, since Tarris spawns way more frequently anyways and can make the same stuff. Or share Tarris Leatherbinder’s spot with other Armorers from the city.
Bring the Captain back! There are plenty of Fighter spots so why not add them back in. Especially with Bandits roaming around it’s stupid to not have a sort of Police Chief running the streets, right?
Of course, bring the Smelter Daya Leaddrinker back as well. It does not make sense to not have one in a major faction hub.
Add named Carpenters and Alchemists to the faction so all those spots can be used for named ones. Sepermeru has one of the hardest NPCs on the map, it stands to reason if anyone should be able to get all thralls from one faction it should be Relic Hunters or Votaries of Skelos.

Thank you for reading!


I have gotten the Daya Leaddrinker npc to spawn in the area right outside of Ramza’s house where the old armorer used to spawn.

I’d like to see the dancing troupe to return. They were one of my favorite bits of city life.


Ah, alright. Good to know!

Daya is there. She wonders though. And really takes long walks

Yeah I checked all the spots. 3 spots wander, 1 of which is only dancers. Glad it works now.

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