Fix the spawn rate of Armorers 2019

Thought this game was suppose to be fun.
Started playing again, this time a PvE server.
100s upon 100s of runs clearing all the major armorer spawns areas
that has lead to ZERO… yes zero T4 armorers.

This spawn rate is abnoxiously grinding, insultingly grinding, obscenely grinding… shall i continue?


Also seems like spawn rates for the individual armorers are vastly different.

Some I found 4 of in 2 days, some I haven’t found one of after spending at least an hour almost every day for 2 months

Right behind my house by Set City is a slavetaker camp that spawns a T4 at almost a 50% rate. Try checking the outlying camps around the city, theres a few. I have more T4 armorers than I know what to do with.


I second this. I would also suggest going back to the exile camps around the southern river. T4 armorers can and do spawn there aplenty. Don’t just farm the Galleon, Sepermaru, New Asagarth, etc. Check all the outlying camps as well.

Yep… I haven’t had much luck finding armorers and most of those that I do are tier 1 with the occasional tier 2.

The last patch disrupted other parts of the game. A FunCom hallmark.

command, as explained there plenty of spots for amorer, it"s easy to find a T4 armorer the first day your start on server… learn the in game mechanic and points where they spawn

Totally agree man. Its obnoxious indeed to say the least. I was grinding for that T4 Aquilonian armourer. She (I think its a she, can’t remember), never spawned. Stupidest thing ever if you ask me. I get RNG in many other things, but, as being someone that is NOT a fan of RNG period, I am more in the realms of “controlled” rng. That being, yes, make it random, but create scenarios/situations where things favour the grind, and not the rng.

Like JJDancer mentioned, that spot with the 50% chance. Things like that. Apply them to more places, and even more so, to the even rarer harder to find cultural T4 armourers. I swear, I had done the run over 100 times when she was at the Sepermeru spawn points. Don’t know if they changed it since I dont care, I got frustrated with it and if someone even hands me the armourer now I will drop her on the floor and piss on the loot.

100 runs!
3 spawn points!
I had calculated their respawn rate (15mins) and was doing the run constantly for days (alt+tabbing during the 15 min wait for respawn, then back to farm those 3 spots again, and rinse and repeat).

I dont complain about many things in this game, but now that you reminded me of it, I will. Its downright stupid.


In the past few days, many people suggest that Set city has many T4 people… Was there several times, only T4 was a fighter/archer. And as Set-city is big, WHERE are they? Somewhere hidden? On the street?

The same with the exile camps… Was searching for a cook, best any NPC was lvl3 (again figher). Never have I seen a T4 at any exile camp.

It looks like the RNG only works really good, after server reboot. Then you have many T4… After they get killed/punched out, you get mostly nothing :confused:

The big question is: When are server rebooted? Which time?

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My server reboots every morning around 7:30 mountain time. Its a west coast (PST) USA server. Check your server log and you will see when your server is rebooting every day. Also, as I stated, some of the T4s spawn outside the city walls. Look for the Slavetaker camps in the areas north and east of the city walls. Theres one on the plateau between the city and the shellback island, there’s also one along the green wall north of the city. Another spot is between two crags on the large Oasis, where a single fighter and an armorer spawn.


The server I’m on (#150x range) reboots every day around 6:15am ET. Just check the Event Log, filtering on Server for several days and it should be clear when the reboots happen relative to your local time.

Edit: Ninja’d by JJ!

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Ah… Finally more details and not just “set city”… Because that is set city + the surroundings.

The thing is, Volcano is just so much better for fast farming. They respawn fast, traveling there is easy (infront of the obelisk is a map-room - our base is near another obelsik) and you have more fighers than you ever will need.

But got a T4 armorer and taskmaster within 3 minutes there. T4 alchemist spawns so often (Sayid secretkeeper or sth), that he is easier to farm than the Darfari Witch Doctor.

And as Lava does not one shot anymore, its even safer now (and with thralls again). Only thing which cannot spawn there, is a bearer. But since the nerf, my T4 bearer never left the base again…

Need a T4 cook and T4 carpenter. T4 tanner would also be nice…

The Lone Fisherman, a T4 cook, spawns on the little island in the middle of Sep with the hut. Ive had good luck getting him, as he seems to spawn around 20%. (average 5 kills to get him to spawn). I don’t think I have ever gotten a t4 carpenter from Sep, most of mine come from the camps around New Azgarth. Also check the Den, there is one spot where a lone carpenter consistantly spawns and I have popped a T4 there also.


Ok, will try to kill them and then wait… The most annoying aspect in this game. Wait for things to respawn :confused:
Highest cook i found there was T2. My T3 cooks are all from Volcano (wear the alchemist spawns).

First things first, set a timer to 16 minutes and use it the instant you kill whatever spawn is in your crosshairs. There’s a really nice spot to set up if you want to try and gather the following:

  • Named Armorer B’naru Heavyhands
  • Named Carpenter Hakka Sixfingers
  • Named Tanner: two or more possible
  • Named Archer Sorschut Eyegouger
  • Named Bearer (any race)

Set up somewhere in E5. Focus on Fleashtearer Falls and Death’s Shadow Camp. When you get good at working them for resources (kill everything), you can proceed farther south in the Darfari zone. There are chances for spawns of all of these above, plus two additional T4 Bearer spots.

However, it’s enough to simply work these two camps/the Unnamed City, every 16 minutes, and gather resources meanwhile, wherein you can pull in 2 armorers per day, plus a named tanner and several archers. T4 Bearers are much less available post Warmaker Patch, but dead bearers drop those supply kits which can help so much with materials. In this zone it’s 3 per 16 minutes. Good luck and happy thralling!


Generally Funcom is going through the various Thrall camps and drastically lowering the spawn rates of named Thralls. First was the Ship shaped rock, then Sepermeru, then the Palace of Derketo, now the shipwrecked galleon though I have not checked to see what they did. So if you are getting named thralls anywhere where several are showing up one day, they haven’t updated it yet. Seems like the spawn rate now is about one named thrall of some type in 20 to 30 trips.

I think it’s too much when you add in the huge increase in difficulty at these locations. Mostly the number of npc attackers keeping stun-lock on you, but maybe also the weakening of the armors. I think that part is way overdone. Yes I can figure a new tactic and have, but the game is much less fun and more of a chore.

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Its only a chore when you “fixate” on getting certain things. I usually do a run thru of Sep once a day to see whats spawned, but I don’t worry about it if they haven’t spawned in. This must have mentality is what makes the game a “chore”.

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T4’s spawn rate are not supposed to be high, part of the fun is hunting for them as there are many places they can spawn now, since the patch I starded to build a new location with new thralls already got all I need.

Just be more persistent and roam more.

I don’t go to Sepermeru at all anymore. Too much insanity after the changes. And I am not fixated on getting Thralls. Just saying the spawn rate for named thralls is too low in a game where they are raided/stolen from you frequently.

There is a balance between a challenging game and a game that is too grindy where you fail all the time. Developers can go overboard on the challenge because they know all the scripting behind the game and expect all players to play like they do, or the way they want them to. But players do their own thing in a sandbox game so to build the best sandbox you have to keep flexible game-play as a priority. I think the challenge bar is aimed at a single play-style right now (and I don’t mean singleplayer).

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Here’s the thing, and this is a big IF. If the game stays this way, there are predictable rulesets and densities for various zones about the map. After working this one zone, I can fill my wheels with 3 named thralls in about 2.5 hours. Some days I come up dry. But it’s systematic, at least, and somewhat reliable if you can dedicate the time.

To me, if it remains like this, it’s a perfectly suitable gameplay element. As a predominantly solo player I also fully understand the challenges you relate. This is why it’s important to find fallback, understated resources so you can once again build back to Flawless after a loss.

Found a white named Tanner called Fakkad… Cannot even find him at the Wiki.

And are you sure about Fleshtearer falls and Shadow camp? I found there 1-2 non fighting thralls.
Got the Tanner at Howling plateu or Marrowmams height…

The only thing I am missing is a damn T4 carpenter. Another T4 smelter would also be nice…

Got a T4 cook pretty fast at Set city. First spawn at the small Island was the Lone Fisherman and after him, Bragoras the Baker spawned… (also an T4 armorer - who has 0 special craftings and a T4 taskmaster).
Btw: why are there even T4 armorer in the game, who have no special recipe?