T4 Thrall Spawn Chance Far Too Low Following July 7th Patch

Mother of all Patches PC Build 102943/18618 (05.07.2018) - After this patch, it seems that all named crafter thralls have a greatly reduced chance to spawn compared to before the patch. For example, in The Den, one could typically see a named crafter thrall spawn 1 in 10. Now, it seems closer to 1 in 100. Also, all of the crafter thrall spawns that I’ve checked now spawn tier 1 thralls - those spawns never had T1’s before, so obviously there have been some undocumented changes.

To test, I reduced the NPC respawn timer in a private game and killed T4 named thrall placeholder NPCs (for hours), and often I’d kill 100 or more placeholders before the named T4 spawned. This change is excessive.

I’m not sure if this change was intended - I hope not, since it’s game-breaking. A 10% chance to spawn is ideal; 1% is not. I have over 600 hours logged in Conan playing on dedicated PvP servers, and tonight was the first time I logged out unsure if I would be logging back in. I’m sure that some people will reply with an anecdotal “I got one, it’s fine!” - and I’m sure that lottery winners feel the same way. Here’s to hoping that this was all just a mistake.


Spawn rates are atrocious. I’ve been non stop clearing all npc camps on the map for 2 days and i have found 2 named thralls both beri the blacksmith. Cant find an armorer to save my life. Running around in trashy exceptional armor is upsetting. Wish they would change it back to how it was pre patch.


Prior to launch, named thralls were very rare. Then, after launch, going near the Black Galleon I would find a named thrall almost every trip, sometimes more than one on the same trip. The rate was ridiculously high. T4 thralls were never intended to be guaranteed or a reliable spawn. They are supposed to be rare. Also, the difference between exceptional and flawless is not so great. I think only 1% difference in damage resistance and 2 attribute points.


Certain thralls still seem to always spawn T4. I’ve had good luck with the named fighter at Buccaneer’s Bay. The named archer and dancer though are much more rare to non-existent. Even T3 dancers are rare it seems.

On the other hand, the Pagoda of Boundless Lust still seems to have a good T4 spawn rate. It is good enough that i am putting a wheel of pain base there to help quickly collect thralls.

Agreed on everything except the importance of Flawless. +2 doesn’t seem like a lot of attributes, but +9 on an experimental build could save you in a fight. Being able to carve 9 Vit points off my build makes Cimmerian Camping extremely important, especially when it comes to those amazing Heavies! :smiley:

IMO +2 for Flawless is one measly point away from being able to always deploy your gas mask. So for every luxury build, you must have Flawless.

Spawn rates are cruel now, but I think I like it.

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they are supposed to be rare, and they should stay that way!


Yes I agree. But Flawless equipment should be significantly better than Exceptional, too, especially if T4 thralls can’t repair Exceptional equipment. (They can’t… for some reason…)

For a few equipment pieces I’ve seen (lower level stuff), the Flawless variant is actually worse than the Exceptional. For other pieces, it’s just a wee bit better. Makes me not really care if I have a T4 or not. That extra 3 damage doesn’t really do much for me especially with the durability hit.

Also +2 attribute score is silly since the T4 thralls can be killed in a raid or a purge. I’d much rather see Flawless items be really good. This is supported by these considerations:

  • There is a tradeoff to the perks. Durability suffers in favor of higher damage and bonus perk score.
  • You drop your equipment if you die. If you die in PvP, the player who killed you can steal allll your exceptional stuffs.
  • You can lose your thrall. PvP or purge. It’s not like once you get a T4, you have it forever.

I would like to see some changes to this system, though.

  • Crafting Flawless or Exceptional equipment pieces should require a special ingredient that is rare and is not one of the normal ingredients required for that item.
  • There should be a set of perks that lets a player craft Exceptional variants of each weapon type without a thrall. Why I can make a Star Metal sword but can’t repair an Exceptional Iron Sword is beyond me…
  • Flawless and Exceptional variants created by using a thrall should not factor in the thrall’s resource bonus. It seems silly to apply it since only a T4 thrall can make Flawless items and same for T3/Exceptional. Also, Exceptional and Flawless weapons should cost more in resources to make than lower quality variants.

The volcano has become the only viable place to get T4’s unless you want to sit around for 3-4 hours and still not see any t4 spawns.
If Funcom’s intention is to make this game a sit around and wait for respawn game, than I don’t think I want any part of it.

Too much stuff was nerfed all at once and I’m not all that interested in waiting around to see if they plan on fixing anything rather than nerf everything that made this game bearable to play.


so you want everything to be easier than it really is?

common… please dont be lazy… if YOU DONT WANT TO WAIT 2 or 3 hours get yourself a nice t4 thralls, then you can always pick a T3. or t2, those are perfect for those who does not want to wait for the top tier thralls…

in fact PLEASE make the volcano trhalls to be RARE as the rest.

It is much lower, but I like it. It’s a challenge and now everyone won’t have T4 thralls filling their base at multiple stations in a couple days.

I’d like to vote to keep it the way it is.

Only people that like this change are the ones that farmed T4 trolls before the nerf, and have a massive advantage against others now. I am neither for or against this change, but if they want to change how the thralls are obtained, they should have turned all existing/tamed T4s into T3s and make everyone go through obtaining them with the new mechanics.


It is all over the place.

I don’t get why I have cleared asagarth upwards of 500 times and I have never ever gotten a named thrall.
Yet every time I visit mounds of the dead I pick up a Cimmerian berserker on the way from the obelisk to my wheel there, then a dalinsia snowhunter evertime I enter the mounds, sometimes 2.
I went there last night and there were 4 dalinsias in the one run, 2 standing right next to each other.

It was bad when every trip to the black galleon yielded a t4 bs, smelter, armorer and carpenter.

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Honestly. I’m at the point where if anything else gets nerfed for no reason I’m just going to uninstall the game.


My unofficial server just got wiped 2 days ago, so we just started all over and have only gotten 1 T4 thrall so far (I’m the thrall farmer).

I know making up facts is a popular trend these days, but please try to avoid being sucked into that.

Also the Archpriest seens away into some trip maybe spreading theyr religion somewhere out of exile lands, after the nerf I was able to find every named that respawns on Sepermeru (not so easy) except for priest T3 anyone knows if it was removed? everyone on my server have not seen the T3 priest since the nerf

Can only agree, some tharlls takes days of camping the spot. Werk is a good example, still only 2 people on the server got him. And the place have been camped 24/7 more or less since release of the patch.

T4’s used to have a very high spawn rate, too high imo. But the current rate is too low, I mean this aint a regular MMO people run the same dungeons / raids every week for gear. I expect T4s to be harder to find but this rate is extremely low.

i am totally ok with it.

there are uses for t1s, t2s, t3s… it is the only thing that is actually demaning consistency from player perspective, so please DO NOT change it.
astri i got your alchemist! :slight_smile:

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With the way it currently is most people will never be able ti find the specific armorer they are looking for. Got raided and lost your thralls gg time to quit. This isn’t Pokemon guys. You need crafting thralls to be able to build with any kind of efficiency. Especially on a PvP server where you are in danger constantly.

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you can do most of it with t2 and t3… t4s only makes the fuel last longer…

PVP wise you know ytou can raid them too? make secret stashes…