Did they nerf the hell out of T4 spawns?

last two patches have cranked down the named thrall spawns. was this intentional?

And your evidence to support that they nerfed all t4 spawns is?

well i’m on the old map, public server. Ive been running rounds in search of thralls for a while now.

firstly they def got rid of the 100 percent spawn of a t4/5 in the back of sinner refuge along with the brimstone deposits in the far back.

also, i havent seen the witch doctor spawn at the summoning place in several runs.

trust me, somethings off. i’m outright finding less t4/5 spawns on the old map. at least half my average. same with the named combat thralls in the volcano. far less spawns. if i had to guess, 50 percent less.

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I don’t know if it was ever 100%, but I know it hasn’t been for a long time now.

Yeah, that’s RNG.

Sorry, but no. Nothing personal there, I don’t trust anyone – myself included – when it comes to random chance.

The question in the title is valid, though. If you suspect they nerfed T4s, it’s always good to ask. Maybe someone who has bothered to download the DevKit and is kind enough to check can chime in with an answer :slight_smile:


That definitely hasn’t been 100% for at least a while - I get probably around 60:40 Asuran vs random Mitra priest. Witchdoctor I’ve generally found to be at the summoning place around 1 in 3 (Yog priest otherwise). I’m a bit confused about the missing brimstone - it’s definitely still there on live branch (singleplayer) - I’ll hop on testlive in a bit and see if it’s different there.

Overall, I’d say I’m finding much the same spawn rate as normal. But like @CodeMage says, it’d take devkit access to confirm or deny for sure (and I don’t have the drive space, even if I was capable of understanding it…)

Edit: the brimstone at the back of Sinner’s Refuge is still there on testlive singleplayer as well. Is it possible someone else on the server had recently harvested it? Otherwise it’s absence may indicate a bug?


someone must be logged out in sinners refuge on my server. thanks fo verifying.

thats the only thing i can think of that might break spawns like that. someone logged out right on top of the spawn point. its the same reason why every once in a while you try to build somewhere but for some unseen reason you cant build in one small spot. pretty sure someones logged out and essentially that small pocket they lay in is protected from spawns and building.


Did anyone build on the terrain above that point in Sinner’s Refuge? That could also nuke some of the spawns.


Nope. but the bug did clear. im pretty sure someone logged out in the back of the cave.


They fixed that many patch ago so anyone building above would not affect the spawn


That is not correct, I have tested this just recently. Placing any building piece above a spawn will turn off the spawn, at both Sinner’s Refuge and at Silver Mine near Rhinohorn Ridge. It is still occurring on Official servers as well as in Single Player. Place a single foundation directly above the named spawn location in the back and you will turn off the spawn of the 3 closest NPCs, plus the two dancers and archer and fighter pair on the platform.


They it broke as I have to find the old notes but I think it was patch 24 maybe but it was long ago and maybe not working now

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